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TV not working after software update


My Samsung model UE50MU6100K won't turn on anymore after the software update that came yesterday.

I've spoken to the call centre and they said it's been escalated but I want to know what has actually happened? Can this even be fixed by another software update like I keep being told?

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Can I have a refund instead?


I dont trust your *****ty company and it will probably take weeks for one to come around


After 10 min on hold and giving my job ref. number had to go through the whole have you tried switching it off and back on again fiasco. An engineer will ring me in the next 48hrs and arrange to come in the next 7 days... I still am sceptical this will actually happen, if I had the choice I would rather have exchanged for another brand. You really need to look at your support network it is horrifically ill informed. I will be avoiding your products in the future...


Samung you are an absolute discrace!


So you expect the customer to contact your call centre using their own time and resource, and then take a day off work to wait for an engineer to resolve the issue which will no doubt take weeks and involve many frustrations with you incompetant staff. Lets be clear here, this issue is a result of Samsung releasing a rogue update and you as a company should be taking the initiative to contact customers. 


Added to this no offer whatsoever of compensation for the week when the product wasnt working, phone call charges, loss of earnings for the proposed engineer day and general frustrations dealing with your awfull company. 


No thanks, i've already taken the devices back to the store and replaced with LG. 


I shall boycott Samsung products both personally and via my business which implements technical solutions into buildings including Audio Visual. 


I'm currently on the line to the TV Tech Support team (holding now as I've demanded to speak to a manager....for all the good it'll do ☹️ After going through my details for the umpteenth time I've been told that I'll be contacted over the next 24 hours to arrange an engineer visit...with no indication whatsoever as to when this visit/fix might take place.


Call me cynical but this whole thing has been a monumental **** up. I've been promised callbacks already and they haven't materialised so why should this be any different. And all the while this is going on, my window of opportunity to return my TV is closing. 


....UPDATE - just spoke with a supervisor who sounded like he'd just woken up! The words 'chocolate' and 'teapot' spring to mind. Totally useless call. So now I'm waiting for my callback to arrange the engineer visit. I'm not holding my breath...








Do yourself a favour and return the products to the store. 


Quite right. A truly awful company,


My TV is 2 months old and my retailer will not let me return for a refund unles Samsung declare it to be beyond repair. They wont.


They have broken my tv, left me without news for a week, lied to me about call backs,  wasted huge amount of my time in calls and onhold and generally lied to me.


Now they tell me I can have an engineer sometime in the next week or so (if I stay in all day) but they wont be giving any compensation.


Utterly abysmal

It's definitely on the cards, James. Sadly we're having a particularly busy time with our family just now and work full time too so this is an inconvenience we could well do without. Our store is not local either so would involve a significant trip. (I should point out however that our reseller has been excellent in trying to assist us).

Shame on you, Samsung. I'm utterly disgusted by the whole thing.

Samsung have formally confirmed that there will be no compensation of any type


I contacted customer support again and after explaining that I will not wait past Sunday for a repair as that is the last day I can return the tv I was told a repair could take place on Monday at the earliest, this being a bank holiday makes me think that it's b****x, I'm returning my Samsung tv and will never use them for anything again.

I can't believe how shoddy the service has been.

Does this mean, if we've been holding back on updating the firmware to avoid this problem, it is now safe to go ahead and update?
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