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Samsung TV & Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar


I have a Samsung UE55TU8000 55` 4K UHD Smart LED TV with a Denon DHT-S216 Black Soundbar I have them connected via an ARC HDMI connection all works well and volume on the soundbar works on TV remote. The LEDs on the sound bar indicates TV (ARC) 2 lights. The problem starts when I change source say to my firestick the 2 LEDs stays on the sound bar indicates TV (ARC) and all is working perfectly but if I switch back to terrestrial TV on the television. the soundbar reverts back to 1 LED the sound bar indicates HDMI and no sound comes from the soundbar. The only way I can resolve this is to manually switch the back to TV (ARC) on the soundbar remote. The 2 led lights come back on and I have sound. I can change channels and even switch on and off and all is well it is only when I switch to a different source and back again I get this problem. Its driving me mad. I have contacted Samsung and Denon with no luck       

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I have the same problem with a Samsung TV. When I turn on the TV and a terrestrial channel is selected everything works fine connected to ARC but when I change the channel with the remote there is no sound and the only way I can resolve this is to manually switch the back to TV (ARC) on the soundbar remote.


I also contacted Denon and Samsung and no response.


I have exactly the same problem as describes by JordiAP with a Samsung TU7079 (55') and the Denon DHT-S216. Are there any updates?


I made some further tests: After switching TV channels 1-2 times the soundbar stays at "TV" (ARC). Also after switching the soundbar off and on again (TV keeps running) there are no unwanted switches anymore so it looks to me that the problem is with the Samsung TV.

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I asked for help at denon's customer support in Spain and they sent me a new firmware and instructions but tired of this issue I sold it. If you need help you can contact Atención Cliente Denon <>


What they sent to me is these zips: EP_v24 & DHT-S216_V30


Hope it will help you.


I have the exact same issue as you with a Denon DHT-S216 and a new Samsung QE43Q60TAUXXU


I have been on to Samusng support for over an hour and a half where they remoted on to my TV and tried various different things including resetting the HDMI ports. None of it worked and the problem presisted.


They advised me to get in touch with Denon who said ARC/CEC is in it's infancy and not all products are compatible with each other and I should try connecting using optical cable which isn't a great response as DTS:X will only transmit over HDMI. So what they're suggesting is you accept you can't use DTS:X on a DTS:X enabled soundbar!

I suspect the issue is with Samsung are there are numerous threads on this forum where people are complaining about CEC/ARC issues with different makes of Soundbar.


I will keep plugging away with both Samsung and Denon and will let you know if I get a working solution to this. I'm loathed to get rid of either as I really like the TV and the Soundbar sound quality is great. But it may come down to a warranty/return for one or the other and try an alternative product which is a shame.

Samsung support if you read these threads can you actually take ownership of this issue and do some testing and provide a fix or even a response to advise you're looking at it would be good!


Hi JordiAP, could you forward on the zip files and instructions please?



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Do anyone knows where to download new firmware to the Denon DHT216 soundbar?




There's no download available on the Denon Support pages.


Jordi forwarded an email to me with them on. My Devon DHT-S216 doesn't recognise them though and the update isn't successful.


I can send them to you if you like they may work for you?

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