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Samsung QN95B 144hz

(Topic created on: 26-04-2023 10:32 PM)

Hi, I am having several issues with my TV 55" or HTPC I should say, as dont use TV.

I am using Nvidia RTX 3080 hdmi2.1 port 4.

The TV definitely has connection issues, I put it down to a firmware update as suddenly I cant get motion/judder options & the TV often will not connect full HD.. only 60hz. Is very buggy.

I have to turn PC on twice to get a picture.

I can no longer get filmmaker mode either, only HDMI PC mode.

Game mode does not always work & G sync makes the screen look horrible.

I could maybe live with this but my main issue is the 144hz & I cant get 120hz. So all my movies have an awful panning blur which I cannot fix.

I cant customize the display in Nvidia settings either, that is blanked out.

Samsung make these claims about this TV: 120hz & G sync.

I have been onto support for a while & they arnt that interested to say the least.

Anyone know anyways to get 120hz, would appreciate.



I'm curious if you found any resolution? 

My newly arrived QN95BA is giving me a bit of a headache. The software update is blurred out. Presumably because there is an app open in the background, yet I cannot see which apps might be open, so I have no way of closing them. Software is 1430, but it is not auto-updating to 1445. 

The remote jumps all over the place (press UP once and it goes 3, 4 or 5). 

Posting here because I wonder if it's a similar issue - something open in the background causing fits. 

Also, can you get 120hz without the PC connected?  


Hi Apprentice,

I didnt know there was another update, I downloaded one recently that I believe was brought out in february but Samsung wrongly labelled so doesnt work & they never fixed as far as im aware. Maybe will check again.

Im not sure why yours would be blanked out, maybe a factory reset will sort?

120hz Im not sure how you can tell when watching TV.

Samsung are a nightmare for assistance, so I wish you luck with your remote.

The smart remote you have to set up 1st before it works properly.



BTW I did manage to get 120hz using a 1 meter cable instead, but now the screen gos blank for a few seconds every 5 minutes lol & the motion/judder is still greyed out.


First Poster

I have the same issue on my QN95B on firmware 1504. I just replaced my video card (2080 Ti) which was only HDMI 2.0, to a nvidia 3080 with HDMI 2.1. Now when I enable Gaming Mode, it forces the refresh rate to 144hz and I can't change it down to 120hz or 60hz. It just says HDMI disconnected if I try to change it. And with G-sync enabled, I get the black screen issue too. But if I disable Gaming Mode, the TV will only do maximum 60hz, no HDR and only YCBCR444 color, and it only shows "Entertain" or "Graphic" under Picture settings. 

It worked a lot better on my old video card. I could play in 1440p with HDR+VRR enabled, and no black screen issues. This looks like an between the 3000 series video cards and the Samsung TV.


Hi Soylent,

A few things I have changed, but still get a lot of issues.

After trying lots of different HDMI 2.1 I found a cheap one works & can get 120hz. But if you want the motion/judder controls to stop the horrible panning blur with movies & Filmmaker mode etc etc.., you need to run the tv at or below 50hz or its greyed out. You still have to reset it every day tho.

There are still many problems with this TV. 

Might be the 3080 card causing it, been pondering on changing to AMD.