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[KS OWNERS ONLY] Sky to introduce HDR content on Sky Q from March

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Seen this article just now and it will be very interesting to see if our televisions get HDR content through Sky Q.


Not seen anything yet about the format but assuming its HLG.


Will keep this thread as up to date as I can.

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This may sound like a stupid question and apologies if I've missed some of the background but why aren't you plugging all of your devices into the back of the Yamaha AVR and then just the Yamaha itself into the One Connect box?

Hi @dunwell , thank you for taking an interest in this.  It is so we can watch, in particular Sky Q, without having to listen to our whole Surround Setup (HTS).  When the Receiver is in Standby, it continues to pass the Video through to the TV and I have an Optical lead from the Sky Q box to a Sony Sounbar, which feeds a small sub.  My better Half doesn't want full surround sound on all the time lol.  But I have a Harmony Hub, setup with Activities, which she can execute on either the Harmony Remote or on her phone but has the benefit of using the Sky Remote too.  I had hoped the Sky Q wouldn't suffer from this toggling necessity and I would just put up with it for my other 2 devices.  But I've got the bit between my teeth now to try and ascertain what the problem is.  I have known this has been an issue for the Roku and Amazon devices for well over a year now but I'm hoping there may be a solution.

Have you tried pressing the home button on your remote, move left to the settings cog and then up to sound output. You can cycle through the different sound outputs. I have all divices plugged in AVR and one HDMI to my one connect box. I tried this and it works the only issue I had was when I went from TV audio back to HDMI audio I had to re select cbl/sat on  my receiver for the audio to play through my speakers. I'd imagine doing that would be less annoying than the HDR not auto switching. I think you've got a project for the weekend pencilled in!! IMG_20200529_082018.jpg




No I haven't - it is food for thought though. Because I have quite a few Activities set up on My Harmony Hub, which work alongside my Alexa Echo, I want to keep things as simple as possible for my other half. These Activities can be activated by Voice, using the Harmony Remote or by using our Samsung S10+ phones. Not sure what you call it but I can add an "Icon" to the main Harmony Menu, the one that applies to all menus (each device has one) which when set up, will act like an independant Activity to "Toggle" the inputs. I shall set up two, one for toggling the TV inputs and one for toggling the Receiver's inputs. I'm unsure yet as to which method works best. Last night we watched Red Joan on Netflix (using my Roku) - it was not an "HDR" release, I don't think, but when it ended and went back to standard Sky Q TV the picture quality was over saturated with a "vivid x 5" look. I had to toggle the inputs to sort. First time I've had this, as it usually happens when exiting from HDR releases. This is a very strange phenomanon

Hi did you go from your sky q box straight into your one connect box and if so which hdmi port did you use on your one connect as I can't get it working on mine but I know hdr works as it comes on when watching on my amazon firestick?

Hi Notty Unfortunately I am connecting to an AVR (Denon) which then goes in to HDMI 4 ARC on the one connect box. Check your HDMI UHD colour setting in you TV picture expert settings, make sure this is set to on for the HDMI port you are using. Also are you sure your Sky Q box is compatible as not all are. 

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News that Sky now also have a partnership with Amazon Prime, the video service now directly available via SkyQ . However please note HDR10+ or Dolby Vision on applicable Tv's is not supported on this platform.

1. It uses HLG format so is compatible with ks series

2. It supports dolby digital but not Dolby vision 

3. Also supports dolby digital plus so if the program has dolby atmos and you have a compatible receiver you get great sound

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@kit1977 yes if you have good system sound should be impressive. should have read HDR10+ and  Dolby Vision not supported, now edited. The HLG should be fine though.

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