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[KS OWNERS ONLY] Sky to introduce HDR content on Sky Q from March

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Seen this article just now and it will be very interesting to see if our televisions get HDR content through Sky Q.


Not seen anything yet about the format but assuming its HLG.


Will keep this thread as up to date as I can.

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I can confirm that my KS8000 is recognising the HDR signal being sent from the Sky Q box. I have a 2TB box with external power brick and my TV is on firmware 1242.

I have the same setup and can confirm it looks great 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I can confirm that my KS9500 is recognising the HDR signal being sent from the Sky Q box. I have a V3 (Titan) 2TB box and my TV is on firmware 1242.  Looks very good, when I can get the better half off watching Corrie catchups etc. !  Because I route my Q box through my Yamaha Receiver, I have to toggle the inputs on it or on the TV in order to get the HDR-HLG to kick-in or kick out.  Does anyone else suffer from this?  If I plug my box directly into the One Connect box, I don't have to do this.

My sky q goes through my receiver (Denon AVR x2400h) and the HDR switches automatically. I can't check right now but I'm sure my receiver is set to pass through if that helps. 

Thanks. Mine is a Yamaha RX-A1070 and all my HDR-HLG devices are connected to a HDMI port at the rear of the Receiver, including the Q box. When my Receiver is in standby the video passes through to TV in the same way as it were on and a separate Optical cable from my Q box then routes the sound to a Sony Soundbar/mini sub. Whether in standby or not, I still have to "toggle" the inputs.

I'm not sure about your specific receiver but I used to have a Yamaha RX-679 hooked up between my source devices and my KS8000. It passed through HDR quite comfortably, without the need to mess around with output switching etc.


Again, without knowing the specifics of your receiver, you may have to go into the Yamaha Advanced menu which can only be accessed with some strange key presses prior to being switched on. I had to do this to allow 4K HDR to work properly.


Just a shot in the dark but worth a quick Google if you have 5 mins.



Thanks for that, I'll google :smiling-face:  I have lodged a post on the Yamaha AV forum in case they come up with something.  I haven't  discounted that it may be a problem with my set somehow.

seems to be working  fine  (though I do not have the best set  for HDR) .  Sky have released information about compatible Boxes  and as well as the standard 1TB Boxes  the older  2TB Box  (32B0xx ) will  not support HDR in fact.  There will be no immediate swapping of  2TB Boxes(partly Covid-19 related) but should happen in the future.


The 3rd version of the 1TB box released late last year  will support HDR 


General Guide here      Artcle states that Samsung Tv may initially flash when watching HDR abd if problem to return to SkyQ Home  before trying again.



I'm not 100% sure but there might be 2 types of pass through. The one that passes the video signal when the receiver is in standby, and one where when the source is selected the receiver has no influence over the video signal being sent to it and passes it to the TV for it to upscale the picture etc. Only the sound for this source would be handled by the receiver.

Thanks @MattSano75  -  I really thought and hoped you were on to something here.  I've just spent an hour or so waiding through my User Manual and indeed there are a few settings, in particular, an Advanced Menu which is accessed using a button or 2 on the front panel, not the remote.  There's a 4K setting to switch between Mode 1 & Mode 2, in case Mode 1 didn't work.  Switching to Mode 2 did not change anything, I still have to toggle the inputs to get HDR-HLG devices plugged in to the rear of my Receiver, to display properly.   This is getting rather frustrating.  I also checked Video Processing - it was set to Direct, so I switched it to Process but again no joy here either 😞


If the "One Connect" box could be expanded , then I'd plug all my devices into it and job done, but I cannot do this - I have one input spare but I need another 2 - 1 x Roku, 1 x Amazon Fire TV and 1 x Sky Q.  My media player takes 2 and my Bluray player the other one. 


I appreciate your help though - Cheers

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