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Frame 75 2022 flashing red light

(Topic created on: 01-03-2024 12:36 PM)
First Poster

Bought this one 2 months ago. Had the company (in Australia) setup and wall mount. Was working fine then developed some weird discolouration in a section of the screen that disappears after a day (nothing I did). 
Now I noticed the red led light is flashing below the frame. It was fine yesterday. 
It erratically turns itself off, will stay in art mode for 30s to 2-3min before going to the Home Screen. 
I checked the event logs and it kept saying CEC on so I disconnected both the HW990C soundbar and Apple TV 4K. Just the one connect box. Still did it. 
Factory reset. No change. I’m on version 1602, not sure if 1622 in other counties will help
samsung support was useless. I need to now be home to speak to a level 2 tech. It’s a $3000+ TV. People who are not at work aren’t likely buying this TV…

I’ve also plugged into another outlet. Essentially I’ve tried all Samsungs official steps. Turn off night mode, mobile control off, CEC off. Nothing working. I’ve finally just turned it off at the wall for the night because I didn’t want it to turn itself on overnight. I even unpaired the remote and controlled with my iPhone. Still wouldn’t stay in art mode.