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How to exit Samsung TV plus ( fix ) ! how to disable samsung ADS. (fix ) How to reset PSID (ads )

(Topic created on: 01-03-2024 04:05 PM)
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lots of complaints about being stuck with Samsung marketing ads for Samsung consumers, don't expect Samsung to give the option to consumer to opt out ! lots of customer returns their samsung product just for that. i have decide to fight,  and keep my samsung tv.!

i have a Qled tv 2019, (superb quality of image )

- to exit SAMSUNG Tv Plus, press on your remote the Back button for 7 or 8 seconds, then release it, just found out last night by mistake )

- you can also put a Parental PIN number, default is 0000, put yours after, then click on all the ratings , movies, tv shows,  and so on., they will become block from viewing.

- to remove ADS.

How to clear your DNS cache on Windows and router.
  1. Open a command prompt (Start Menu, Run, and type CMD)
  2. Type the following command : ipconfig /flushdns.
  3. Empty your browser cache.
  4. Restart your router by leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds to reset its cache.
  5. Done !

click on home, settings, go to terms and privacy, RESET PSID,  personal service Id, and click reset.

click on home, settings, go to terms and privacy- viewing information services ( do not click on AGREE ( leave unchecked ), close .

click on home, settings, go to terms and privacy, Based-interest advertisement, ( do not click on AGREE ( leave unchecked ), close .

go in your router and add AdGuard DNS (

Default servers : or / and secondary dns ,, click SAVE.

- to disable  samsung tv plus , If you wish to block samsung TV plus , block or ( parental control ) www. or

- to prevent samsung tv plus from always restarting when turning ON your tv.

click on home, settings, go to general, go to SMART Features, and turn OFF ( remove dot ) uncheck.

- close router, close pc, close your Samsug TV for 5 minutes, and unplug.

restarrt router/wifi, wait 2 minutes, resart pc, and Samsung tv.

no more Hells kitchen ad show on home bar without my will, i am the commander.


have a good day.


tech support.