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Defective QN75QN800CFXZA - Samsung NOT honoring warranty

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
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  • I purchased a 75 inch Samsung 8k resolution QN75QN800CFXZA for $3499 in December 2023. The TV started malfunctioning in February 2024. 1. Cloudy screen 2. TV won't turn on and flickers for 10 to 15 minutes 3. TV turns off and on by itself 4. TV has lines through top and bottom of tv.

I opened a ticket4176292756 to service the issue, Tech has been out 4 times and replaced random parts, tech has also replaced the mother board 3 times. TV still is not working. The TV is having the same Feb 2024 issues and it's almost June 2024. There has been 4 failed attempts at repair, I have been without a working tv since February 2024. The latest visit the tech even stated he isn't sure why a tv replacement option hasn't been given to me that he has tried everything and he cannot complete the repair. I opened a Better business bureau complaint, I have complained to the office of the CEO. I have opened an unfair business practice FTC complaint. I just want me tv replaced with a working tv and I'll go away! I have called into work 4 times thus far missing valuable work pay and wasting my PTO on this matter. Ater all of this a rep by the Mahaliah J from Extra Care (lack of care) was assigned to me and she ignores my calls, emails etc randomly sends me a message today stating the tv can be repaired and they are ordering special parts that can take several weeks to arrive to me. This is insane! I am without a working tv since February!!!! I will NEVER buy a Samsung tv again and I advise anyone who is considering Sony or LG to buy those instead! This has been a nightmare I have missed the NBA playoffs, I paid $3499 to sit here with a broken tv! 

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Hi there

Sorry to hear of your difficulties.

You may wish to reach out to the US Forum (this is the UK / EF Forum) as your laws may differ from here.
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Having the same issue/problem with the same model TV,  ( TV was bought 10/23 started having issue's 4/24 )   had a tech come out to look at it 2 weeks ago, tech said I don`t have the part to fix on the truck, but have back at the office, but we only service your area Monday, Wednesday and Friday I said fine, he said I will be back next Wednesday (6/19/24), after not receiving a call on 6/18/24 during the day I called the service repair company around 5:30 pm to see if tech was still  schedule to come service TV on 6/19/24, I was told ticket had been closed as completed, I informed the person that the TV had not be repaired, at this point he forward me to Samsung, after speaking with someone at Samsung I was told the TV was being replaced and I would need to speak to someone in the exchange dept. after being transferred to the exchange dept. ( which is located in the Dominican Republic ) and setting on hold for 30 minutes someone final answered the phone and told me it would take up to 8- 15 working days (not including weekends) after asking to speak with a manage ( who was REALLY no help ) who just kept repeating the same company lines  , I said thank you and hung up. Called Samsung customer service dept. again this morning 6/19/24 was again transferred to the exchange dept in the Dominican Republic (at 9:30 am central time what Samsung has no U.S. customer dept.) again after speaking with a rep. and getting the same company line, again I asked for a manager and this time was told it would take 3-5 business to get the paperwork approved to replace and another 5-10 business days ( again not including weekends) to send the needed paperwork to Best Buy to setup a day to replace, and that Best Buy had 3-5 working days to contact me after get the needed paperwork to replace, and schedule a day to replace, which I find to be totally unacceptable as everything is now done electronically these days, at the most I could see 3 days, 1 day to approve , 1 day to send approval to replace and 1 day to schedule a time and date. As I have 5 Samsung TV`s in my home today, and as they need to be replaced I`m thinking hard about looking at a different brand!!!!!! Customer Service today is not what it used to be and will not get better until the consumer stops buying the products.