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Discolored virtical bands on Samsung QN60Q60BAFXZA Q60B 60 inch TV

(Topic created on: 09-05-2024 09:45 PM)
Jonah Rivera
First Poster

Less than 8 months after already having my screen replaced because of a Power supply failure, another defect came up. 2 discolored bands appeared on the left center of the screen. A  Since the TV is out of warranty and customer service is basically telling us to get a new TV with the price they're charging if i we're to get it repaired, it's safe to say that the last 18 months of ownership hasn't been worth it. I'm not asking for help, but this is rather message that QLED TVs like the  QN60Q60BAFXZA are not worth it with Samsung not doing anything about a common defect with QLED tvs and basically leaving you with no other choice but having to buy a new TV rather than having to put more money down the drain to keep a defective TV going.