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Dark scenes so dark they're unwatchable in HDR mode on UE43TU7000KXXU


It is worst on the in-built Disney+ app (the Star Wars movies + The Mandalorian scenes are so dark you almost cannot see anything, as well as Marvel's Black Panther!). It is also noticable on Amazon Prime for shows such as Hunters in 4K mode. When you select the non-4K version of Hunters the picture is lovely and bright!. Also occurs on the Apple TV app, again very dark for 4K HDR films but lovely and bright for the ones only available in HD. Luckily my Netflix subscription is only HD so that picture is not affected and is great. All these issues are with the in-built apps as I bought this TV so I wouldn't require an external streaming box.


In the absence of it actually working correctly, is there a simple menu option to disable HDR?


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Upgraded to firmware 1302 and it’s certainly improved the 4K HDR picture from Disney+ (see above). Had to update via USB as it wasn’t available directly from the TV.

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I have the exact same issue. Please keep me updated. 

Yep, i also have the same issue.

Recently purchased the TV and noticed after watching a few films on Disney. The picture is too dark, even with the curtains closed it still does not make a diffeance. Some of the scenes in the films are unwatchable. 

I've played around with the settings and unfortunatley i can't seem to change anything to improve the quality. 

Hopefully Samsung can point us in the right direction 




Had a long online chat with a support engineer and shared this screen shot from Disney+ (4K HDR10)Disney+ 4K HDR10Disney+ 4K HDR10...and compared it to the same scene in HD from my Plex server.

Plex HDPlex HD

There was plenty of suggestions like tweaking the gamma and dark shadow settings but nothing that would get the 4K picture anything like the HD one.

@AndrewL I see you commented on a similar issue so here is my post where I even took some photos of the dark screen compared to what it should be. My issue is currently escalated within support but any thoughts?

As the support team seem baffled by this, I have resorted to the less than satisfactory workaround by buying a Fire TV Stick HD (as opposed to a 4K one). By using the streaming apps on this HD only external device, this will avoid the current 4K HDR issues. Luckily there isn't much advantage to 4K on a 43 inch screen and the HD picture still looks great. A lesson learned on my part....

I've done the exact same thing. There is no work around, there are no better picture settings. HDR ruins the TV picture quality.

@Luke29 "Luckily" the Fire TV Stick is currently half price on Amazon and it also solves the annoying bug that the Samsung Disney+ app had where you couldn't go into the submenus (Star Wars, Pixar, etc). To be honest it is overall a lot more responsive than the TV and the remote is a lot better. Not bad for £20. Going to "un-smart" the TV....

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction concerning this matter, I have tweaked your solution slightly and changed device resolution on my 4k stick to 2160p this has sorted out the problems I was having. Picture bob on now!! 


Upgraded to firmware 1302 and it’s certainly improved the 4K HDR picture from Disney+ (see above). Had to update via USB as it wasn’t available directly from the TV.

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