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Samsung trade in issue.

(Topic created on: 11-02-2024 09:05 PM)
So I pre-ordered my S24+ on 23rd Jan.
I picked my delivery date (today - 11th Feb). I could've had it sooner but I picked this date specifically. 

Anyway, story a little shorter, it arrived LAST Sunday - 4th Feb. 

I thought nothing of the trade in deadline day but today I get a message saying I've not yet sent my phone back & here is the trouble. 

I personally won't use phones without cases & screen protectors & with waiting on those arriving plus other things going on at home at the moment, I've not even yet opened the package the phone came in (like I said, I picked 11th Feb specifically, although things today have pushed me back a day). 

I'm not yet ready to send my phone back & I don't think my timeframe should start just because they chose to ignore my chosen delivery date (since they actually ask you when you want it delivered!) 

I've just tried to get on to their live chat but I've been in position 9 for 45mins now and it's time I go to bed once I hit post on this. 

Has anyone managed to have their deadline day extended in this scenario? 

In addition, do any of you know which [UK] number to phone to resolve this and I'll see if I can phone them on my break at work tomorrow? Just to simply get the deadline out to what it originally would've been. 
Hey there

I would recommend you contact Samsung Trade In via email, explain your circumstances and see what they say.

The emails I received were from but there might be a better one to use if no joy.

I haven't heard myself anyone successfully extending but your circumstances are a bit different.

Good luck
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The terms and conditions are quite specific unfortunatly.
On purchasing the new phone, you are entering a contractual arrangement.
Definitely give it a try to extend the time limit. But you will probably find it can't be extended.
Hopefully you can get something arranged though.
If not you will need to get a rush on to send the trade in device
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I believe Samsungs systems are automatic @PowderedToastMan 

The ramifications could be they'll request the Trade-In reduction to be paid back, or the new phone will be remotely locked. 

I like you won't use my phone without a case and screen protector however that's our personal decision, and has no bearing on Samsungs systems. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Thanks for the replies. I've emailed Samsung trade in so hopefully they'll extend. I'm only asking for 1 week more but wouldn't surprise me if they refuse.

Fingers crossed.
Bit of a strange one here...

They responded. However not with something I expected.

Simply told me contact them ON Sunday (the date I requested an extension to) & they can "arrange this".

All very good but surely would be better to arrange in advance because where am I going to post my phone on a Sunday?

Which then takes us beyond the requested extension.
Worst case scenario, they'll block the device until they receive your trade in.
Well this adds to the confusion.

Trade in dept say they can't do anything until Sunday as that's "the due date". This got me thinking.
I checked in on the email they sent originally & sure enough it has 18th Feb as the final date.

This contradicts what Samsung Live Chat said - which was 11th Feb.

So have asked for clarification as to who is correct & who isn't.

About as clear as mud right now.
Samsung Trade In is run by MTR and I've always (to date) found them reliable and honest.

When I've done a Samsung Trade In, got the email from them reminding me to send the device back, when I've done so I've emailed them to let them know by replying to their email. They have always acknowledged and thanked me for letting them know.

From my own experiences? I would never trust Samsung Customer Service but I have trust and confidence in MTR.
Well I've just emailed them to see if they can clarify what the date is. Fingers crossed.

It may say 18th because that was the original date before they chose to send it a week early.

Or it may say 18th because although they sent it a week early, the date was the 18th & they're being decent & honouring that.

Or it may be a system that hasn't been update & the date is actually the 11th & therefore I'm out of date.

I hope they can say one way or another tomorrow.

I'm hoping for good news & then I can send it off Saturday.