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Is Samsung scamming me?

(Topic created on: 01-05-2022 08:33 PM)
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I've pre-ordered 2 phones from the Samsung webpage on February 11. 

Received 1st phone on February 21, but still waiting on the second S22+ to this day. 

After the initial estimated date of 11 of March I have contacted your customer support multiple times and somehow no one has any idea where the phone is. 

On the 09/04/22, I spoke with one of the Customer  representatives and I quote their answer : 

"Again, apologies for the long wait of your parcel. The problem that we have is having it delivered.  Since DPD and Panther has a limit of packages they can send per van which is also limited, the amount of orders that we have, even orders that came before you,  are too much to be squeezed in one cutoff."

While I would understand if orders placed in Russia or Ukraine might take longer to deliver due to the war. How would it be justified waiting 80 days from time of purchase and 52 days since estimated delivery date for me just to receive information on when will I receive the the phone or just where my product might be?

I'm living less than half an hour away from Samsung's office in Chertsey, UK and I bet all the employees there have received their handsets already, but somehow DPD cannot handle an extra 20 minute drive down the road to give me the phone I paid for exactly 80 days ago.

I have 8 DPD warehouses which are 40 minutes and less away from me and I would gladly go there and pick up my phone and help out the delivery crisis that has come upon the company.

I have 3 or 4 different case reference numbers and I honestly think I am being played as a fool at the moment.

It has been exactly 28 hours since my last conversation with your customer representative Jiggle L. from which I got assured that I would receive an update in 24-48 hours or hopefully less regarding my purchase. Still waiting on that thou, but I still have 20 more hours, so you never know!

Either way, its bank holiday tomorrow here in the UK and I do not have any faith in Samsung anymore that I'll be receiving any kind of news, I will unfortunately need to contact trading standards on Tuesday and my bank to initiate a chargeback case with Samsung.

I'm sad to say that after 5 samsung phones, I will never return to this company ever again. You have completely lost my trust.

Kind regards,



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Got to admit and I've never heard of that with a delivery service as a reason.
Did you order a website exclusive colour?
For some reason these take ages to get.
Though the time you have waited is way longer than I expected.
My experience on trying to find out what was holding up delivery of my website exclusive colour S22 Ultra, it wasn't great and just decided to not going about it and wait, as dealing with them was unnecessarily stressful.
At 10 weeks, it's got to be due any day.
Have you logged into your Samsung account in the Samsung store. Under your ordered it should give you some idea where it maybe in the process
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Thank you for the reply Glenntech.

It's still at "preparing for dispatch" S22+ Pink 256GB, not an exclusive colour.

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Wow not an exclusive one and that long.
I know the S22+ has been really popular and like with everything to do with supply networks. Everything is a bit slow.
But you've been waiting for more than I expected.
Mine was preparing for dispatch for almost 2 weeks. Then it changed and took another 9 days I think.
Really hope it gets sorted out for you shortly.
Can't take much longer I wouldn't have thought
If it helps you shouldn't pay attention to the "preparing to dispatch". I ordered on 17/03/22 and first available delivery was 14/04/22, I recieved the phone with no warning on 01/04/22. It still said "preparing for dispatch" until 26/04/22 when I got an email saying my order was complete. Hope you get it sorted.
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In regards to DPD couriers > Samsung will send the units to DPD to deliver and they'll then sort out the logistics of delivering the phone's.

If a driver runs out of time then they'll add the parcel onto the next day's delivery schedule.

DPD do allow depot collections I believe but this has to be arranged after failed attempts to deliver initially.

Their website may clarify.

Sometimes actual delivery lead times of a phone are not only affected by colour but by storage capacity too.

We as customers understand sometimes things do not go to plan but then it's down to what the company does to put that right that counts and instills confidence back into the company / products. 

Communication is key.

Communication from the Samsung Online Shop Team in my personal experience has always been a hit and miss affair if I'm honest.

This has been via 0330 726 7467


Sometimes it's who you get helping you and their knowledge base.

Ordering new phone's comes hand in hand with a touch of euphoria and then issues like this can chip away at that and quickly can create despondent thoughts.

I hope you get your items ASAP. 🤞


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