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Have to wait 2 weeks for a replacement for faulty TV?

(Topic created on: 05-06-2024 01:49 PM)
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Hi I bought tv they're send me faulty tv I return the tv but they didn't refund my money they saying replacement tv you have 2 wait 2 weeks. This is ridiculous unless customers service I made a mistake I ordered through Samsung worse company. Curry's much better. Amazon very good. Please don't buy anything through Samsung. 

Thank you 
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Hey there and welcome to the Forum

Assuming you are based in the UK.....

If you bought online / over the telephone from Samsung then you have 14 days from date of delivery (Samsung will claim from date of order but that is wrong). During these 14 days you have the legal right to reject the item and request at your choice either a full refund or replacement (you can refuse a repair in these first 14 days).

This is covered by the Consumer Rights Directive 2015 (but don't waste your breath explaining this to Samsung Customer Service as they don't understand or know what it is).

After 14 days (it can be longer at the Company's discretion ((read sales pitch)) then you have the right to a repair. Some companies may replace but repair is usual.