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Loss of data when restoring!..........

(Topic created on: 15-12-2020 03:14 PM)
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This is extremely frustrating and disappointing. It is the third time this has happened and have had enough of this nonsense...
I synced and backed up all files and data on phone before doing a factory reset so that phone could be sent for repairs. They where supposed to send me a like for like phone as a loan whilst S9 was in for repair.
So they sent me a J6?!...... I have lost a lot of info of files and data when restoring to this phone as a lot of it wasn't compatible. Nice. Not happy!
I retrieved as much as I could of my work records and backup as I could, though lost a lot of it.
Today I received my S9 back like new.
And guess what? Once again I backed up phone, the J6, 3 times over making sure I cover all areas.
Restored the S9 again, only this time half of the files are missing, nowhere to be found......
Please Note:
I will never ever buy or use an Samsung or Android phone again as they have lost my trust.
My wife had an iPhone and has never suffered these issues...
Guess what phone I will using next? 

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I don't know what's happened to your back-ups @BigChap which may have corrupted somehow.


Personally when I'm moving to a new phone I clear the system cache, and then back up to Samsung Cloud. 


Then I use that back up to install my settings and info apart from my apps which I download using the Playstore.


As a fail safe i also back up to Dropbox.


I've heard some have experienced issues when using Samsung Smartswitch.



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