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Damaged beyond repair - American F/FZR

(Topic created on: 22-05-2020 04:34 PM)
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My enquiry centres around my Samsung (RF24HSESVSR) American Fridge Freezer. Which we purchased it in Nov/Dec 2014.

it worked beautifully until March 2018 when it started to make a terrible noise which we later discovered was the fan at the back of the appliance having iced up.

we subsequently called our local retailer who we purchased the item from. He told us we had to switch the unit off for 48hrs before it could be looked at which we did. 

The repair was carried out on 21-3-2018 where a new evap heater cut out + sensor was reading from the invoice notes.

All well and good.

i decided that as it was an expensive fridge I would look at taking  insurance out on this item so took out a policy with a company called BIGWARRANTIES. which I did in Oct 2018.
Towards the middle of Nov 2018 it started making a terrible noise I called up this company initially with relief as the noise was so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. We were told to switch the appliance off for 24 hours.

An engineer came to look at the appliance. He proceeded to take the fridge apart again where damage was discovered at the back of the unit. Not only did it look blistered at the back their was a split right along the main back wall of the fridge...."this guy than stated that he thought the damage to the unit must have been caused by a heat gun used by the previous engineers who had initially repaired the unit". his subsequent report stated "attempted repair, all parts fitted by appliance is Beyond Repair, on strip-down, i removed fridge evaporater, and there the insualtion is burnt and bubbled. Customer advised - she has had previous work done due to same fault by another company. Suspected the previous company damaged with a heat gun as very localised heat scorch marks. Also opposite the defrost heater, so very little chance that it was a product fault.  The warranty was null & void. The fridge was damaged beyond repair.

i was present when the first repair was carried out and as the fridge had been off for a full 48 hours no ice was present at the back of the unit.
I of course went back to the shop where I bought the unit and the guys understandably threatened to sue!
I have been left high and dry with a fridge freezer that I believe has a manufacturers fault and nobody seems to be able to help....

I would like to know if their is anything we can do as everybody we've spoken too seems to be of no help what's so ever....

Kind regards, 

Mary. IMG-5201.JPGIMG-5199.JPGIMG-5198.JPGIMG-5197.JPGIMG-5196.JPG


Hi @MaryScales ,


I'm sorry to hear that and I would try my best to assist you from here. Are you able to tell me if you get this repaired by Samsung the 1st time? If so, did you tried to contact the same Support Centre this time? 

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We initially went to the retailer we purchased the fridge from as they service the area where I live.
the second repair was through the insurance company....


kindest Regards



Hi @MaryScales 


We're sad to hear of the problems you've had with your Fridge Freezer. We're afraid we wouldn't be able to assist further with this as firstly, the manufacturer's warranty of the product is only valid for the first 24 months of use, and secondly, as the repair work has been carried out by none authorised Samsung approved engineers, this would automatically have voided any warranty that might have still been in place.


We appreciate that this is not what you would wish to hear, however we're unable to help further with this we're afraid.