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Buzzing noise

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My new eco bubble washing machine is making buzzing noise throughout the cycle. I was told by samsung technician that this was normal. I do not believe this to be true.

Has anyone experienced the same


Hello, i have the same issue with the noise. The technician said the noise comes from the eco bubble pump. When i asked what can be done he answered"it sometimes hapen to become loud". Questioned further what can be done etc as that noise was not there when i bought the washing machine but had no answer apart from will report to the office. My question is what can be done. 

Thank you.

I am also experiencing this annoying noise.
This constant buzz is quite disconcerting. And I am certain it did not make this noise when I first got it.
Still machine is making a good job of cleaning my clothes which is why I purchased it and since hes in the utility Room at least the buzz is only in the distance when I'm in the rest of the house.
I would like to know what it is that's causing, and are there any plans to find a solution to it?
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