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Dishwasher and dryer on top connection

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I have a dishwasher WW90M643OBW and I need a dryer. As I understand it, I need to fasten it, but how can I know what is compatible?


The dryer I'm looking at is FTCM118XBEU


One more thing, does this dryer require an exhaust duct? There doesn't seem to be an output for that, but I assume it needs one or it just vents into the room?




Hey @famadorian. That doesn't appear to be a model number I'm familiar with. Can you tell me where it is you're based? 


Thanks. It might be worth contacting Samsung in your region for more info on this (I'm in the UK). This link will direct you to their page.

ok, but generally, is there some sort of mounting kit or don't I need one? I see there is some sort of screw connection on the back of my washer. 20200315_172634.jpg

We do have Stacking Kits for certain models. Here is how they work. 

Ok, found a solution. 


First of, I gave wrong model number for the dryer, which is DV70M5020KW. 


Also, here's the correct stacking kit:



Excellent news! 



Please, can you help us with the correct stacking kit for WD80J6? The specification for SKK-DD says that it fits WD80J5, but is there a difference between WD80J6 and J5?


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