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S22 Ultra with Exynos has performance & display issues

(Topic created on: 25-02-2022 06:36 AM)
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This does not bode well for all those users in Europe who will be receiving their Exynos S22 Ultra devices from Samsung on their official launch day, today, 25th February...
"the only thing I can say is to hold off on purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for now if you live in Europe, because as it stands right now, the Exynos 2200 Galaxy S22 Ultra is completely unusable as a daily driver. It’s incredibly laggy and the battery life is terrible, too. This isn’t even the first day, it’s the second, and even “calibration” shouldn’t cause it to only have 50 minutes of SOT with 67% left."
(Source... Adam Conway, Senior editor at XDA-Developers)
I have a feeling that the new mantra for the Exynos S22 Ultra devices will be...
"Hopefully there will be an update to fix this soon"
If Samsung are able to release an update to fix these and other issues, they need to do it quickly before their returns date ends.

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I don't bother reading stuff like this.
I have found over the years, not just with Samsung, but other makes of phone. My usage doesn't have anything like the stuff they publish.
My Z Fold 3 for example. Battery life was trashed in the press. But as per my article on this community. My battery life is excellent on my Z Fold 3, and remains so.
So just view these articles published as entertainment and lite reading.
You usage will be completely different to whatever they were doing with their device
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Well, I guess we will find out, one way or the other, in the next 14 to 21 days.

My device... Galaxy Z Fold5 5G 12/512GB (G946B D/S) CSC EUX. Android 14. One UI 6.0
I agree. Battery has been good so far. I understand that its frustrating with the issues encountered with Exynos but it's new where as the new Snapdragon SoC has already been through the pain with other brands of phones and the apps have been updated to work with it etc.
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I do read articles like these as it's important to me to try and get an overview of other people's opinions and thought's on devices @ironass 

Thank you for sharing  👍

However I don't let them entirely influence my decision making.

I do my due diligence before any purchase.

I have peace of mind that Samsung  UK provide a 21 day returns period.

Owners are experiencing different user experiences with both the Exynos and SnapDragon SoC variants of this phone and indeed if you look back at past threads on this forum and other forums along with tech articles and YouTube it's pretty been much the same with most devices launched.

It's always been the same whether it's a Samsung phone , iPhone or Huawei etc.

Now I in no way dismiss the experiences people are experiencing with their phone's whether it be the s²² Series or past phone's or other makes and models.

I don't disbelieve or dismiss anyones personal findings and nor do I make a judgement on what action they take.

All I can report back is what I'm experiencing with my phone.

We all set them up differently, use them differently and transfer information from one phone to another differently so the variables are immense.

Sometimes buyers remorse plays a part.

Like @Glenntech if I entirely took on-board the comments and opinions in connection to the Samsung Z Fold³ I wouldn't have been able to experience what this powerful device brings.

Just my 2 cents.

In conclusion if a phone does not tick my wants and needs I won't buy it in the first place or if it fails in someway that can't be remedied in my personal opinion then I'll return it.

The beauty of forums like this is that we can share opinions and constructive comments which I hope gives good feedback to Samsung.



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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


The Note 20 Ultra exynos was unusable for varous reasons. Hopefully Samsung aren't making the same mistake all over again.

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My Note 20 Ultra was great. Only thing that annoyed me about mine was the finicky fingerprint sensor.
Other than that, I really enjoyed using it and was sad to let it go. But the Z Fold 3 was worth the trade in though
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Current builds for the Samsung S22 Ultra Exynos and Snapdragon models are...



Build date = 08 JAN 2022

Android Security patch = 01 JAN 2022




Build date = 07 FEB 2022

Android Security patch = 01 FEB 2022


Hopefully, this means a very quick release for the Exynos (S908B) model to at least bring the February Security patch to it.

My device... Galaxy Z Fold5 5G 12/512GB (G946B D/S) CSC EUX. Android 14. One UI 6.0
Unfortunately I am experiencing all the issues in this article (as per my previous post). Whilst it's great there is a 21 day return period, I will only have 7 days from the point that I get my upgrade return pack for my older S21U. So Samsung need to resolve these issues in updates before then, else I will vote with my wallet and send it back.

When paying £1200 for a phone, I expect it to work out the box properly. I am extremely disappointed that Samsung is not learning its lesson from previous Exynos models and it screams volumes when you see that Nvidia, Qualcomm and others are moving away from Samsung chip manufacturing to TSMC as they cannot get their act in gear with making chips, let alone designing them.

I hope an update comes out and fixes this, I really do as the phone looks amazing and has some great potential... but I'm preparing for the worse and to return it
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My S22 Ultra got delivered on Monday and I've had those issues. I've already arranged my return and I'm sending it back on Monday.
Worse gaming performance than the OnePlus 9 Pro I was upgrading from.