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S22 Ultra SLOW and massive lag

(Topic created on: 10-03-2022 07:43 PM)

Exynos device, highest resolution and framerate settings and it is really shamefully slow! My S20 Ultra is much nicer to use. Switching apps, waiting for anything to pop up, not to mention the games....unplayable!! The amount of dropped frames is crazy. Not to mention filming video or playing video, so much frame drop it's just USELESS!! I can't even record a story on Instagram without this stupid lag...


Very unhappy with this 😕


Anyone know if this is something an update will fix or do we have to ditch the high resolution.....which I'm not really happy about if that's the case

Hi, a new article has just been posted by tech radar, it refers to a GOS app, created by Samsung that throttles your phone to save battery. Not what the users wanted to hear.
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Basically Exynos 2200 is the lemon we were warned it was, but we paid for it anyway.

Samsung don't test new phones and give not the slightest poop about customers. Customers are the alpha testers.

They've been caught out with this though and now they plan to allow customers to release the restrictions and set their pockets free with the melting/exploding phones that'll probably result...


Yeh my S22 Ultra is so laggy and unresponsive compared to my S21U that I had to send off today else risk a huge fine from my carrier. 

I'm hoping they fix all the issues with some updates. Else I'm stuck with this PoS


I was in call and at distance control with a technician from the hotline. Apart telling me "we are sorry about what you're feeling but everything seems to be ok on your phone.

He tells me that a future update will corrige everything wrong on my phone. But the list is huge :

- 1 call on 2 the phone is rebooting

- lagg during app swapping

- taking a photo take so much time

- writing this comment is also taking much time

- sometimes phone is freezing

- battery isn't good 1 minutes screen of time = 1 or 2% of battery life 


The phone cost more than 1200 euros have 12 go of ram 😂😱 and samsung still persist to put their ***** Exynos inside instead of snapdragon soc. Every tech youtubers goes to the same conclusion. 


We need to setup a class action to organize test between the snapdragon version and the exynos and ask in France for example the DGGCRF and ask them to proof that there is no vice caché inside the phone 


Totally agree. Got mine for 1650 € (1 TB version) yesterday, and since then it's been a really bad experience... the worst I have ever had with a phone that price: lags, UI freezes, very slow installations of apps, briging up the Samsung Pay cards this morning in a café: frozen payment! ... 100% battery leaving my car at 9:00... it's 11:13 and it's now at 76% without even using it that much! Honestly I can get this level of service from a lambda $150 budget Android phone on Amazon...

So bad... really bad. Fortunately I'm still in the legal 14 days try out period, I guess I will send it back tomorrow if things doesn't start to improve (who knows... magic maybe).

I guess no more Samsung for me in the future. At this point they do not respect their customers... They're trying so hard to be Apple-like, but it starts by actually testing your products guys and stop with the BS marketing ("Exynos 2200 developed with AMD for advanced raytracing in mobile apps"... if it's true, AMD should be very proud of the results... can't even achieve a proper 30 fps in very simple games without burning up). 


Hi all!


Could you ensure you're updating your phones? The newest update has a number of performance improvements. A few of these can be seen here:



Head to Settings > Software Update > Download and install. 

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Jack Glenn

Did that, the UI is still lagging.


Same here... even worse apparently.

At this price we shouldn't have to hope for an update to resolve the problems. There shouldn't have any problem from the start, or at least not that many problems.

I returned mine and pre-ordered an Oppo Find X5 Pro. At least, no Exynos in this one...

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Updated, but still horrible. Got a S22+, but the problems are the same. Thinking about returning it, cause Samsung reps don't know when it will improve