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Keyboard, back button, certain apps, all stop working randomly.

(Topic created on: 03-03-2022 04:22 PM)
I have just purchased an S22 Ultra and have noticed at random times, the keyboard stops showing when prompted, the back button doesn't work, and then for example, I check a message on WhatsApp, the read icon doesn't dissappear.

The above problems may not seem related, but they all occur around the same time, and never separately. The problem is fixed by restarting the phone, but always comes back.

I also had this problem with my S21 Ultra - I did use a backup from my S21....maybe transferred a bad setting or config over to my new S22?

Has anyone heard of any of these issues? 

Would appreciate any input or advice.

Also, I haven't tried a factory reset just yet, as it's a lot of hassle, but given I had this on an old phone, and now the new one...I'm worried its something else.
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I think you may have diagnosed the issue yourself regarding your back up.

First try You may need to hook up to a Computer or insert your earphones to enter into recovery mode. 

If this was situation and the above didn't help I'd consider factory resetting and then set the phone up as new and then download your apps direct from the Playstore MyLibrary and then see what happens @OnlyO 

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I think you need to turn on WhatsApp read receipt
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Hey OnlyO,

I have the same issue, my current theory is that it's a bug with floating chat bubbles.

I use Telegram with chat bubbles, activities in there crash fairly often. I noticed today that, as it happened again, it was at the same time as yet another Telegram bubble crash.

The problem went away as soon as I received another Telegram message that respawned a bubble, and I opened it.

I sent a report through Samsung Members, in the meantime, if you're also using chat bubbles, I'd say try disabling them, and see if the problem ever reoccurs.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I never really found a fix for this, after looking on so many forums. The problem has gone now, but with that said, I have a automatic restart everyday at 9am. So maybe I have a buggy phone still, but the restart everyday keeps me going without seeing them. Who knows!

Very disappointed with the performance of the S22 Ultra this year, still lags sometimes....