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Exynos being dropped for S23?

(Topic created on: 10-07-2022 10:59 AM)
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Will us Brits (& Europe) finally get parity with the rest of the World and not have to endure paying more for handsets with Exynos chipsets?
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This sort of story always pops up, and I wouldn't put too much in it.
It's a strange one as it's not just Samsung that use the Exynos chipset setup.
If Google carry on using a modified Exynos chipset in its Pixel phones. I can see Samsung still using Exynos in the near future.
I've not noticed any issues with my S22 Ultra Exynos phone. Seems ok

Unfortunately the Snapdragon version hasn't been without its problems as well this year.
We still have a bit of time before we really start to get snippets of what the new phones will have.
Just hope the S Pen still features in the new phones
Yes it's being dropped for the Exynos 2

It's only a handful of people that yarp on about Exynos, 99% of phone purchasers could not careless what SOC is in a phone.

I also can't see it changing "ever" your best bet would be to switch to a phone manufacturer that gives you what you want.
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This kind of article pops up yearly.

Everytime Europe is filling in the same complaints to Samsung and still, even in 2022, they didn't recognized this problem. Even of the 1000 error reports you've send this kind of chipset is superior to them.

I'm curious still. News is news, it are no facts

Helping Hand
Yeah I'm curious too. After the disappointing and poor offering from the S22 then be interesting to see what the S23 may offer and if they do move to one chipset globally (or at least for the top of range model) and if the battery config rumours are true.
Guess I'm in the 1% club of being bothered about the chipset and internal configs (due to my occupation).
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I don't see the fuss with this Exynos Vs snapdragon nonsense expect the youtubers blowing out of proportion and people getting pissed about it.

I have samsung over the years and quiet happy with their products.

You can't get everything in life so if snapdragon is important for you get a phone that provides that.

Life is about choices.

You gain some ,you loose some.

I want to give apple a try but see so many people with shattered screens I change my mind.

I love Google phones but they have poor battery and Samsung just does some things better then Google.

I have to say for me the S21 ultra is a Beast of a phone and I'm loving it and yes it's an Exynos .

I heard good things coming with their amd tie up so fingers crossed.
I have a feeling Google is the reason Samsung decided to put the use of exynos on hold. Anyway, to little to late for me! I don't think my next phone is going to be a Samsung.

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung iPhone user.

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I love my Exynos S21 Ultra for sure and have loved my previous Note 9 and S7 Edge which were both Exynos versions. My contract is up next year and I am giving the S23 Ultra some close attention or as much as you can at this point in time as many specs are purely speculative, BUT the reports of Samsung only using 8Gen 2 chips for the S23 range including the Ultra are coming strongly from some very reputable sources and I regard this rumour as almost certainly true. The phones camera performance and battery life and display and overall system performance including thermal control are what I would be looking at first though before the issue of what chip the phone has. For many people though I know this would be a big issue and probably result in increased sales in Europe for example?.