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S22 Ultra Receiving Phone Call Almost Instantly Crashes Phone

(Topic created on: 08-05-2023 05:25 PM)


The main problem I'm having with my S22 Ultra SM-908B which I think is the Exynos version. Every now and again when I receive a phone call, my ring tone will play for half a second, stop and the phone will continue to vibrate as it is being called, but it will become completely unresponsive and then black screen. After a few seconds the phone will reboot itself and there is no information on who called my phone so I can't call back.

Other unrelated problems I thought I'd voice here are that recently it randomly started to give me notifications from google for every football game it had data on. I hate football, don't follow any of it. Was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue? Yes I've just turned the notifications off for it but I would like to know what triggered it.

Finally, another google problems so these two may be account related, but when I use google maps while walking, the arrow showing my direction I'm travelling in is not pointing straight. For example, I'm walking down a street, the arrow should be pointing in the direction I'm walking, but for some reason it just can't do it and points somewhere else. This also happened on my old One Plus 6T. The sensors on both phones are all working properly. Google maps works flawlessly when driving, always knows what direction I'm facing.

If anyone knows things I can try (please don't say factory reset) it would be much appreciated :smiling-face:


At first, don't blame Exynos. I had S22 Ultra for one year and I didn't have issue with restarting the phone.

Try reboot into safe mode, persists the issue there too?

Do you use an antivir software? Eset makes similar isues...

Try replacing SIM card, it can be corrupted.

Also (I'm sorry but I have to say it) factory reset could help.


About your Google issues: you had probaly click accidentally click on some sport link. You should be able to set your interests in the Google account settings.


About Google Maps, it is unfortunatelly known issue not connected to Samsung. You can use very good Maps from czech company Seznam which supports also offline maps with good coveradge in the whole world. The compass works well in this application.


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Likewise I had the S22U for a year and did not have any issues, exynos has nothing to do with it
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Hi @liam85 

I have the Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra Exynos and it's been fine until very recently as to where on two occasions when I answered an incoming call the phone froze, the caller heard a weird noise,  and then my phone restarted.

Your not alone as there is already an existing thread on the restart anonamaly on an incoming phone call in the Samsung Galaxy s²² boards here > 

Maybe when walking using your Google Maps tap on the icon that resets where you are. Realigns the map. I forget what the icon is called unfortunately. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


I think this maybe down to software not the soc.

I have cleared the phone's System Partition Cache Files Section and to date it hasn't happened again.

I have sent error logs to Samsung.

In relation to the notifications you may have inadvertently tapped on something online which has triggered Google to send notifications.

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