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Delivery date???


Ordered the s20 ultra off the samsung Ireland website. It says delivery on the 10th march. I thought it was released the 6th and pre orders usually get it 3 days early. Surly Samsung are not going to torture me for 1 extra week to get it????

 Please say its an error. :thinking-face:




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It's less costly from the financial side of things, at least for me. I'm getting the S20 Ultra for €1379 (well, €1129 with an S8 traded in).

Most Irish providers are looking for a down payment of €700-750 for the phone WITH a contract. The most basic contract is usually around €30-40 for 24 months then. So with an initial payment of €700 and 24x €30 (€720), that ends up being €1420 minimum and could be more depending on your provider/plan.

I'm saving money buying the phone this way as I have a SIM only plan that cost just €20 a month and I can cancel at any time.

It wasn't the F bomb you are jumping to conclusion on(like the rest of your original post)... I actually said nice and politely

But yeah like other years I've been helping others out. That's all from me on the topic. The phone is great by the way.


Sorry @Ants


I paid for my S20 Ultra on 20/02 from


I have received no email from samsung or anyone else regarding the phone since day of purchase.


When i log in to orde history it simply says 'processing in progress'


Where can I find an estimated date of delivery? or a contact to try and conclude when the phone will actually be arriving. 

@TeamZiggs don't bother trying. Your best bet is the online shop support but I have rang them 4 times and got no where. Spent an hour on the phone earlier. Each time I've been promised a call back but heard nothing. My order was to be shipped monday and says 2 - 5 days delivery so despite there being zero communication, they are still within the agreed timeframe so I will wait till monday before escalating further. Online shop direct number is 0330 726 7467 if you still feel the need. Good luck bud 👍

@GoravSharma1 wrote:


Samsung nation wide delay till 25th March if u bought directly from Samsung 

I bought the Ultra directly from Samsung on February 12th and received it yesterday. 


I thought heck lets try and ring them and to my shock they answered (18:41)

Very difficult to understand but the jist of it was that mine is apparently still on-track for the 21st so time will tell.  Only on the 21st if i don't get it is it deemed as delayed apparently

I also pre-ordered my Ultra from Samsung Ireland. My order date was 12/02. The website said GUARANTEED delivery March 10th and I've yet to receive anything as of yet. I haven't even gotten an email or message from Samsung to say there has been delay which is very poor on their part, considering the money being handed over here.

I sent Samsung an email last week to ask was the delivery still on track for March 10th and they said it was. I've been trying to contact them since yesterday to see what's going on but they really don't have a clue and each person you talk to gives you a different answer re: delivery dates.

I wouldn't even mind if there was a shipping problem due to what's going on in the world at the moment, but I would really appreciate if Samsung started treating their consumers properly and started telling them what is actually going instead of hiding behind Twitter DM's and distributors relaying false information.

Dealing with Samsung's customer service in the past couple of days would really make me question buying another Samsung product again in the future if this is their approach to dealing with their customers. Especially the customers who are handing over such a massive sum of money for one of their premium products.

Really dissappointed.
@TeamZiggs exact same position as youre in, processing in progress is all ive been seeing for weeks

@jacksheehy15 wrote:
@TeamZiggs exact same position as youre in, processing in progress is all ive been seeing for weeks

Also in the same situation.


So it seems new orders recently got delivery date of March 21st? 


Yet having bought mine outright on Feb 14th, I'm now told it will be the 25th.


Others from wave 1 are being told April 2nd.  


First time posting here, but have been reading the comments and it's really entertaining.


I pre-ordered my S20 Ultra from Very UK on the 24/02 and like most people got the dreaded email yesterday - "Due to a market-wide shortage of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Phone, we have been unable to secure stock for the original pre-order date advised on your order.

We are working with our supplier to secure stock as soon as possible for you and we are expecting more stock to be available on 20th March 2020"


Well, lo and behold, I received an amazing news just past 8pm today from Very UK which states as follows - "We've despatched your order - if we've not already delivered it your order will be with you in the next few days. If when you ordered we told you we'd call you to arrange your delivery date, you can expect to hear from us shortly"


I am giddy with excitement and can't wait to hold the S20 ultra. 


I really feel bad for those who ordered theirs earlier and are yet to receive it or get concrete information from Samsung. But judging from my order, I think most people would receive theirs by the 20th of March latest. 


Will update this forum when the Ultra comes in. 

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