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Galaxy A71 Microphone and Headphone Jack Issue

(Topic created on: 21/12/20 18:21)
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Guys im really frustrated with whats happening with my Galaxy A71 phone..anybody out there facing the same problem or know what i can do, please help

My Galaxy A71 is less than 14 days old and its the second one within that those 14 days having the same issue,

The microphone will randomly stop working out of nowhere. I wont be able to hold phone calls, record voice, record videos with sound or anything that needs sound input. When this happens the headphone jack will also stop working. Any playing sound will come through the loud speaker not any connected earphones. I thought it was the earphones so i put them on other devices and they work and these are original 3.5mm Samsung earphones that came in the box with the phone. I plugged in 3 other earphones that work and still no sound came to these earphones.

At this point the only way to temporarily fix the problem is to restart the phone. After restarting the phone the device will work normally for not more than 1 hour then the problem starts again.

There is no dirt in the headphone jack or microphone hole. No water or dust has entered neither has the phone fallen down.

I returned the phone to the supplier as it was still under warranty and got a new one, the new one worked normally for 2 or 3 days and the problem started again.

I have reported the problem to samsung via the members app 4 times and all they give me are the same troubleshooting steps that solve nothing. I have factory reset the phone 2 times it will work for a few hours then start again.

This is clearly a software problem because it goes away after a restart and i have realized there are other Galaxy A71 users in other communities globally facing the same issues


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Fact is @StrikingPeace you shouldn't have to be troubleshooting so soon into owning a new phone.


I know this is your 2nd phone and you've been very unlucky to be faced with the same issue but if this was my situation I'd have it swapped out ASAP and or choose a different model. 



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Hello, Hope you are well. I also posted about this same issue earlier. I bought my A71 last week and over the past 3 days I have faced the same issue. Admittedly I've not tried the earphones when the issue occurs. But yes, same as you the only way that seems to fix it is if I turn the phone off and back on again, so agreed, it's definitely software related. Hopefully we receive a patch soon as it's quite annoying as the phone itself is great.