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Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC not working

Hi there,

I have this problem for over a month now.

I have a Samsung TV model UE49MU8005 connected to a Pioneer Receiver model VSX-LX302. Everyhting is well connected, as far as i know, TV firmware is 1210.8.

Tv is connected through a recent HDMI cable (UHD, ARC, etc etc) from the ARC output of the receiver to the ARC input of the TV (HDMI 4). Anynet is on.

When I disconnect the cable and connect it again, it starts identifying the source on the TV and it always says "unknown source" so i have to manually configure the tv remote. After it detects my Receiver, turns it on and off ok, and finishes the connection. Everything seems ok. But the problem starts here:

- The sound does not come out through HDMI from the TV if I select an app from the hub. Neither it does if it's connected to the antenna of the tv.

- I have sound from the cable box and from a PC both connected to the receiver.

- The receiver has CEC on but it the sound is not there. When I disconnect the CEC on the receiver and connect it again, it starts searching for CEC devices but the answer is "no CEC device"! Although the TV is connected of course..

- Anynet stops working too, it doesn't control my receiver when this is happening.

- This bug goes on and off. It works sometimes, other times it doesn't. It seems that theres is some problem in the TV that disconnects automatically HDMI CEC, and then it just doesn't come back.

- I changed cables, update firmwares, disconnected everything and waited, then connected again, called Samsung support and they just don't seem to know what I'm talking about... The problem always persist.

Frankly, I'm considering returning the TV. It's new and for the price it should NEVER cause such hassle.

This is about something that should work perfectly and is not doing so. And it seems that everyone at Samsung knows the problem exists, they just don't know how to solve it... (according to the countless discussions about this topic, at least at the US community..).

Please help!


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I had the same thing with happen with my new 8000 series but eventually it stopped working again. I decided the hassle wasn't worth it and added a toslink cable from TV to receiver for audio from the TV and turned off all the Anynet/ARC/CEC garbage that does nothing more than cause headaches IMO. Done.

Yeah, I was thinking of doing the same...BUT then I have to go back to using 3 remotes...and the PS4 Pro, which I often use for streaming video, can ONLY be controlled with CEC (or by using the actual game controller).


The Caavo Control Center will control all your devices (even the PS4). I'm not a rep for them but the product is amazing.

Thanks - while I did look into Caavo I found that for my needs simply changing over to audio in from TV with a toslink cable and using my Harmony remote met my needs. My setup is simple, TV, cable, Blu-ray so I can control everything with the Harmony. It's an additional cable I was hoping to avoid but the behaviors of and problems with ARC/CEC far outweighed any benefits in my case.

Hi JN99,

I totally get it. However, passing audio back from the TV via the Toshlink or even an HDMI limits it to what the TV or the Toshlink can provide. Example: you can't get Dolby + with Toshlink (requires HDMI), and you can't get Dolby Atmos from a current Samsung TV back to the AMP.


This is why I have everything connected to teh AMP/AVR first. I don't rely on the Samsung TV for anything but display a picture.


I bought the Caavo on your recommendations and very happy with it.  Had to run an IR from the closet to the TV as it is on the wall with all components hidden.   It works very well.  Simply say 'open Netflix' and done.   Setting up Dobly Atmos so did not want to use another audio method from TV.


Hi all,

I posted the initial thread.

I dont't know if everyone noticed but all the discussions have been about work-arounds to this issue. Most of which involve spending money in extra gear or even having to reset everyday or disconnect and connect the power outlet...!

No ofense, but I find all these situations really ridiculous...! So, everyone is spending money for an equipment to work properly, when the manufacter of the same equipment provided those functions, as per the manual and instructions!

In other words, we - the consumers - are doing samsung's job and paying for it!!!

All this time since I posted this thread there hasn't been ONE response or comment from Samsung.

Don't you find it strange??



Trying the following, I’ll report back if it fails by tomorrow. 


After pulling my hair out trying to get arc working via the tv settings and Av receiver settings I may have come across the solution method in another thread. The other thread referred to a marantz receiver but I applied the idea to my pioneer vsx-932.


Any net was enabled on the tv and amp but only digital optical (audio out/opt) was usable and the power up down for both units via the tv remote only worked after unplugging the tv mains for a few minutes. Once this was working I still couldn’t get arc as an option on the tv audio output, just tv speaker or digital optical.


next step - select Av receiver as source on Samsung tv, hit “AV ADJUST” on Av receiver remote which brings up a simplified menu unlike the usual GUI on this amp, scroll down to “other” and hit enter, scroll down to sound retrieve and select “ON”.


exit this menu and select tv source as tv, Netflix or whatever and you should see the audio output in the smart hub now showing as “receiver”when you check tv settings, no longer audio out/opt. If I’m not mistaken that means the tv is now using ARC correctly. 


boom! I hope this sticks and doesn’t revert to its usual tv speaker and receiver staying off when I come back to it tomorrow. 


I’ll let you all know. 



5 days and all ok


I use my Samsung TV for streaming and actually quite like it for that purpse; that's the only time I need to pass audio back to the AVR.  With ARC it would work fo a time but eventually just stop and I got tired of dealing with it so went with the toslink cable to provide audio out when streaming.  FWIW, while Samsung seems to be the worst with these issues, the more I read the more I'm convinced it's just an implementation/standards issue for CEC/ARC - problematic no matter who the manufaturer of the equipment.  

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