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Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC not working


@kraM1t  Because even though HDMI / CEC / ARC / eARC whatever are "standardized technology" company like Samsung / Google / Apple / chose your champion do whatever the heck they want when implementing those protocole just because they want to be little snowflakes.

This or they are just incompetent...


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When it searches for ARC devices...   it finds receiver 1 or sometimes a receiver 2... and then finishes with a fail. 

i read in the forums to try and turn off the quick boot on the TV, and make sure the receiver was turned on before turning on the TV. 


tried this...   and this is the result... 

Before: after remote setup, TV would turn on but not turn on the receiver. would turn off both devices. would not control volume through hdmi, would control volume with optical. 

after: turns on both tv and receiver, however receiver turns on about 5-10 seconds after the TV has turned on (when all was working fine, they used to turn on at the exact same time). volume is controling through HDMI. 


I have more testing to do, since I have now connected ALL inputs into the receiver and they are no longer on the TV. 

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Not sure how to post again so I will list this as my own reply.
So I never heard from the female tech that assured me that she would email me specifically in the morning. No great surprise there. I waited until late afternoon for the email then I called again with absolutley no hope of getting this matter solved totally based upon what I had read on this forum. Much to my surprise the tech that I spoke with was very knowledgeable and helped me solve the issue.
So here is the solution: we ran the cable HDMI from the cable box directly to the tv HDMI 1 then ran an additional HDMI cable from HDMI 4 ARC on the tv to the HDMI 1 ARC out on my Anthem MRX 720 receiver. Then all worked as it should. Additionally I setup my Logitech Harmony Elite to control my Anthem and cable box. Even though it took nearly a day of talking to Anthem, Logitech and Samsung I am thrilled that all that I was reading on this forum was not correct. The only draw back that I still have to figure out is how to use the ability of my Anthem to upscale video.

Follow-up since the last post in July 2019 . . . . .  

I have a Samsung UA65MU6303 connected to an ONKYO TX-SR393.  Initially, I spent countless hours resetting everything each time the ARC connection goes off, and I shared the following solution then, which has worked well for almost a year now.  TURN ON the AV receiver 1st, before you turn on the Samsung TV.    This now allows me to use just one remote control, the Samsung, for volume control, changing channels, adjusting picture and sound.  Turning OFF the system is through the Samsung remote control, which turns off the TV 1st, to be followed automatically by the AV receiver.  


All these months, in about 3-4 times, the procedure did not work.  The solution was easy .... UNPLUG both the receiver and TV for about a minute, then you're GOOD to GO.  Turn the receiver ON first, to be followed by the TV.


Lately, however, I have been absent-mindedly turning on the TV first,  and to my surprise, the AV receiver turns on by itself after a few seconds.  This has been going on like this for more a month now.  What happened?  Has the system "learned"??




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"Samsung TV's, the ARC, and HDMI-CEC are not totally compatible with any non-Samsung system.." What a load of s***! I have the same issue with a Samsung MS650 soundbar so should we just say that this anynet+ ***** is broken on Samsung TVs in general?



You can say what you want. I'm just a user. Samsung Engineering told me that there would be no problem with HDMI-CEC when using a Samsung Product connected to a Samsung Product. I belived them so much that I did not buy any other Samsung Product.

I've posted my Solution. Not sure this works for a Sound Bar only but thinging that it would.

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Q70R 49" & Pioneer VSX-LX104


I got the receiver in December 2019.  I had it hooked up to my old Samsung 40".  I bought the Q70R in January 2020.  Everything was working as it should with ARC and CEC up till a few weeks ago.  Samsung techs have swapped out parts and it still won't work.  I hooked up my receiver to an older Samsung 60" HU8550 I have and ARC works no problem.


They're going to replace my Q70R next week most likely, but I fear this will fix nothing and they're wanting to blame my Pioneer even though I confirmed it works on another TV.

This one is bugging me big time.



Interesting to read that so many people experience the same issue here.


My audio connection between my new Samsung Q70 and my old Denon AVR 1713 drops every now and then, often after I switched it on. It's a fairly simple setup: I am using either my Mac mini as input on HDMI 1, or one of the Samsung apps (such as Netflix) and audio should be passed to my Denon via HDMI 4 (ARC). That often works until it doesn't and there is no obvious reason why it sometimes drops.


I tried everything that's been discussed (unplugging, changing cables, resetting, etc) and having to tinker is quite frustrating. I though that maybe the order of switching on components might help (First Denon, then Samsung) but I am not holding my breath and one poster here suggested that it's not helping much either. Not sure if connecting my Samsung remote to my Denon ('universal remote') to change the volume makes any difference here.


Frustratedly, I used an optical cable as an alternative but I am running into similar issues as well now (which could be a separate issue), so I am really running out of ideas.


I just wonder if my Samsung might work better with a modern AVR, perhaps a different brand but the thread here seems to suggest that the problem is independent of AVR brands and rather relates to faulty technology inside the Samsung TV (!?)



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John,  I just bought the caavo, and have an onkyo Tx-rz720 to a samsung Q65f.  im having a similar issue where the caavo loose the cec to the onkyo?  can you run down your tv settings and onkyo setting for me?


Hi Bob,

Below is the basic set-up


All components (Roku, X-Box, Blu ray/streamer) are connected to the Caavo.

The Caavo is connected to the DVR to the Blu Ray input

The Samsung TV is connected to the DVR (HDMI Out) and HMDI Input 1 on the TV. I do not use the ARC or CEC from the TV to the AVR or visa/versa so this connection does not need to be to the HDMI that supports ARC

I also had issues with the Onkyo to Caavo HDMI-CEC and just set it up to use the IR Blaster. 

The Caavo to DVR and Caavo to TV communication is all with the IR Blaster

It works perfect.

The problem with HDMI CEC is that not all commands from one to device to another are accepted or programmed. The Onkyo system uses the most basic CEC progamming available and is quite generic. 


Hope this helps.



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