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How to use GPS function - Galaxy Tab A SM-T580 ( 2016 )

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I'm new to the above device, and I want to use it principally to display position on maritime charts - a Third Party package will be installed, probably onto micro-SIM card.  Wifi positioning is displayed OK via Google Maps. There is no info I could find in the Samsung-recommended User Manual, save a reference in a layout diagram to 'GPS antenna'.


Printed on the box in the list of features is 'GPS/GLONASS'.


I spent an hour with 'Chat Support' before it became evident that the operative did not understand there is a difference between the terrestrial-based WiFi networks ( range ~10 miles ) and the space-based Global Positioning System 'GPS' and the Russian equivalent 'GLONASS'. She then pointed me towards a Remote Management Team number, and gave details of my nearest Samsung Support Centre. Neither of those understood anything about the use of a GPS feature. My call was then shunted to what was called 'Samsung Spars' ( sic ), but after half an hour of muzak, I gave up.


Readers will understand I hesitate to head off on an offshore passage without being certain I can use this feature to display my position on a suitabel maritime chart. It's a 'safety of life' thing.... mine!


Can anyone here shed any light on finding, understanding and using the shy and reclusive GPS function? Can anyone point me towards any technical specifications for this feature?

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Hi, I don't know if this link could help , just check it...Tomorrow, i will check if i can find something on my galaxy tab A 2016.  This forum is in majority a French forum, i am sure you'll have more chance to find your answer on this Samsung Website , their default langage is english :


English forum


GPS information


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