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Apps storage space issue


For the people who have their TVs wall mounted plugging in a USB requires removing the TV from the wall, at least on my TV this is the case.


You can't be expected to take your TV down from the wall in order for it to be updated. There are many people that woulnd't even be able to do this.


I have wall mounted my TV but do not see how you have to take it off the wall just to plug something into it, unless all the connections are on the back of the TV. The NU7400 has all the connections apart from the mains cable on the right hand side. So I do not have any problem plugging in a USB drive or HDMI's.


Yes, a list of changes included in the update would be useful.


The over the air firmware updates are always weeks behind the release of the new version on the website, so it's always quicker to download from the website. This firmware will be for all the 2018 ranges. They all use the same system and smart hub, which makes it all the more bizarre that the 7 series has the issue and none of the other ranges do!

I Have the NU7470 50" and while the ports are sideways mounted there is no way to access them while the TV is on the wall.

Just wait one week for OTA... don't cry about everything....


I've just been talking to samsung and got this response:


I see. Just so you are aware, this has been reported by several users of the same model and this has been already escalate to our Samsung Headquarters which they are now trying to fix it permanently. Just kindly take not of your reference number XXXX-AV and make sure to update your TV from time to time, because most likely they will release an update for the TV which should rectified this issue. I already capture what's on your screen and will send it now immediately to our Headquarters. We are asking for your patience to work on this.


I responded asking for an uplift number (Currys said they need this so thought I'd try) and they responded with:


Thank you so much for staying online, Jamie and I am so sorry to keep you wait. Sad to say, we can not provide you an uplift number as the TV has reached the replacement policy which is 28-day for replacement. You can try to contact the retailer if they can still give you a replacement.


So I'll be going back to Currys...


Then it must have something to do with the Wall Mount you used James. I have a standard one that cost about £15 and it basically is a wall plate you attach to the wall and a couple of brackets you attach to the TV for it to hang the TV to the wall plate. On the both brackets that are attached to the TV it has knobs you can turn so you can tilt the TV upwards or downwards. So i can simply tilt the TV upwards to give me more room to get at the connections. But in saying that my TV sticks out from the wall 4.5 inches so it's not too close to the wall to prevent you from plugging things into it. You might very well have a wall mount that fixes it more closer to the wall so that would be a bit of a problem.


Intruder461: Yes my mount is a bar on the wall less than 10mm thick that the parts on the TV hook over. I think it is called a slim mount, the back of the TV is probably only 20-30mm form the wall


Pls stick to the topic... nobody cares about your wall mount..just wait one week for OTA...


Makes me laugh how they stated they are aware of the problem. They have been aware of the problem for over a year now and still nothing has been done to fix it. I hope Currys sort you out James cause this is really pathetic from Samsung.

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