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Gear 360 file properties missing.

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I have recorded several pictures and videos with my Gear 360. However when opening file browser, the files look ok with correct size information. But when trying to open item they fail. On closer inspection into properties, it appears that the data specifying the video and audio settings within the file are missing. There are files on the disc which have the details and play ok. Is there any way to alter or recover the files, with the missing data, so they play?

These are once in a lifetime videos and pictures. Am I wasting my time trying to recover these files?



RyanM Moderator

Hi @SGT!


Have you connected your 360 to a computer/laptop when trying to open them?


Also, can you try importing the images and video into Action Director and checking to see if they open please?


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Thank you for taking an interest in my problems.

Computer does not like camera connected via USB. It comes up with a fail Code 43.

I have loaded files on to folder in desk top. Still  have files with missing headers/Meta data.

Also tried to load via Action Director. They are still failing to be recognised.

However, there are some files still working. But mostly the others lack the header info.

I could not see anything in Action Director to try and fix the files.

They lack Video and audio information.



RyanM Moderator

How strange @SGT


After a quick Google search it looks like a potential driver error. Can you make sure you've updated all the drivers on the computer please? 


Still concerned that you have files missing though. Can you drop me a private message with some screenshots of the error messages and I'll happily look into this further. 



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Hi Ryan.

Everything is ok with some files. But there are a lot that are not.

Windows gives a error 0xc00d36e5.

Also I have attache two properties snips. One good playing and one bad. If you look at the properties you see that there is missing info in the bad one.


StewartBad file properties.PNGGood file properties.PNG

TracyR Moderator

Hey @SGT,


Looking at the screeshots it seems that some files did not complete the writing process as some of the files are playing fine - which could mean there is an issue with the memory card. 


Are you able to check the memory card for bad sectors (corrupt parts). 

Could you also try to re-format the card after doing a proper backup of the files. 


Let me know how you get on with this.



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Hi Ryan,


I have a similar problem. I used the camera this Christmas in Lapland and none of the pictures or videos will play back stating that the file is corrupted. All of the files are like this. I'm using a Samsung memory card in the device with a Samsungs S7. They will not open in the phone either. Any help is appreciated as the photos are once in a lifetime material!


Many thanks,




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I have the same problem. Did photos and videos during my trip to Italy using more than 40Gb of my Samsung Evo 64Gb card. But now the camera says that the card is not recognized, when I try to recover the files with Disk Drill on my desktop I only find 7Gb and a lot of corrupt files. I lost around 80% of my photos and videos.

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