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Issues with sleep tracking

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Ok I have the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus for phone and Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch 44mm under armour edition. I have had this issue with sleep tracking and its starting to ***** me off. I have called Samsung muliple times with no help. So here it is and my issue. I hope I am not the only one.


So I go to bed around 10pm every night and wake up at 530am every day. Here is the issue that I currently have with no fix. When I wake up I check my sleep tracker on my watch or via the samsung health app and it will show I was asleep from around 1130pm to midnight to 530am when I wake up. Then I click on the day before and that extra hour or 2 will show up on the day before adding that sleep to that day. Yes usually an hour and a half after going asleep you go into the transition stage and I get that. So the issue is it not recording the sleep because it does. But it's how it shown.


So in order for me to fix this I have to turn off the watch and then go into settings the apps then Samsung health. I have to then clear the clahe and force close the app, then wait 30 seconds then turn on the watch. Then the next day to 3 days the issue is gone. My sleep will be right and show it under the current nights sleep before going back to the other way. I have tried doing a factory reset on my watch multiple times. Have tried unistalling the Samsung health app multiple times and the samething happens. I have tried both together and still the samething happens. How do I fix this? I keep being told this is a software issue with the watch or my phone and I have to send either 1 of them in to be looked at or both in and I can't be without my phone or watch. Also this has to be able to be fixed with some kind of patch.


Anyone know how to fix this? 

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Attached are the examples I am talking about 1 shows what it should look like and then 2 photos showing what it's doing. Screenshot_20200122-140117_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20200122-140055_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20200122-140041_Samsung Health.jpg



I have been having similar issues since I updated my watch, although I have a galaxy watch. I'm thinking it might be a software issue but it is also getting on my nerves and I have not been sleeping for 3 hours a night

Same exact situation is happening with my watch and cell. Annoying for sure! Would love to know the fix!
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