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Galaxy Watch Swimming tracker not working

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I am using 42mm galaxy watch. Previously swimming tracker seems to work correctly like length strokes and laps but now its not working. It stopped tracking activity and i dont know why, when i start swimming tracker it start waterlock mode but not tracking any activity.


Tried again on Friday and tracked ok without pausing the workout.

Not tried the update yet.  It’s not currently available so will have to wait until it gets pushed to the watch.


Will keep trying it without pausing and see how I get on 🤞


Same issue here.


Previously working perfect but since a few weeks I have several similar issues with my Samsung watch using it as swiming tracker with SHealth!

1. it doesn't record anything during the session.

2. it only starts recording after 12 lengths, displaying 12 lengths also, then it start coounting correctly.

3. it only starts counting after 40 lengths starting with 1 length on the display. (after 15 minuts)

4. it starts correctly but once pauzed, (and un-pauzed) is stops counting.


when reading this post it sounds like a software issue 

@Samsung any idea if this BUG is treated by the softwareengineers?


I have the same problem.  Very frustrating as it's the only reason I bought the watch.  Definitely occurred right after software update. 


Received the firmware update last night.

Hopefully it won’t break the swim tracking again, after it took so long to get back working.

Got to agree that it’s a software issue.  Tried the App and that works every time.

Surley someone at Samsung must be aware of this by now or are they just concentrating on the new generation of watch (Active 2)...


I've had the same problem for the last 2 months. I've reset to manufacturers default the watch and the wearable app. I've tried it with all the communications turned off Bluetooth NFC + Wi-Fi. I waited for the newest update that says it will fix the swimming issues, it did not, version ended in G4. I just got off the phone with Samsung wearable support and they have no other fixes except send the watch back or Samsung to look at. I hate to give up my watch for 2 weeks and have it come back and do the same thing. Has anyone sent their watch in for repair for this issue and it came back fixed?


I took mine to the local Samsung Service Centre in Manchester twice.

1st time they Re-Flashed it.  Tracking worked for 12 lengths and packed up again.

2nd time they changed the Main Board. This worked and tracking worked until I paused the work out half way.  Next session I swam without pausing and it works okay.

Im kind of lucky that I’m local to a Service Centre and they turned the Main Board replacement around in 3 days.

Before you post it off give the Swim.Com app a try.  Tracking Works with this every time and seems better than the Samsung app.  Only thing to get used to is it tracks in metres instead of lengths. 


Might save you the agro of sending your watch off 🤞

Thanks for the heads up Wgozzer. Much appreciated!
I can't believe so many people have this same issue. It is so inconsistent with tracking the laps its hard to believe they can't fix it.
Hi Wgozzer, I tried swim. Com today and it does work well.
I like the ability to customize the pool length. Gives you an awful lot of information that is useful and it tracks all of your events. Which is very nice. It's going to take a little while to learn how to use it but I think it'll be worth it thank you so much for recommending it.
How is your watch doing now since they repaired it? Is it accurate?

Hi lachambers ,

Good that the is working for you.  Just goes to show that it’s a software problem on Samsung’s part.

Length Tracking is more or less perfect but the type of stoke is still a bit off (picking up backstroke instead of breast stroke ??) although I think that’s down to my rubbish technique 😀😀


Not sure if the new app solved the problem or if it was the new main board but going off other replies on this forum I’m sure it’s down to software.


I think Samsung should take notice as I’m sure the number of people who might take the watch for a new main board or a software flash must be costing them a lot of money across the world.

I thought that with the launch of the Active Watch 2 we might have had an update to solve all the problems.  Just hope we aren’t going to be forgotten about with Samsung concentrating on the new watches...

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