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Galaxy Watch Swimming tracker not working

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I am using 42mm galaxy watch. Previously swimming tracker seems to work correctly like length strokes and laps but now its not working. It stopped tracking activity and i dont know why, when i start swimming tracker it start waterlock mode but not tracking any activity.


Thanks for the reply Wogzzer, I'll let you know if I have any more updates on this issue..... stay tuned!












I started this thread and wanted to give an update.


Last week I was in the pool and the watched worked-at first. But then it gave me THREE ADDITIONAL LAPS. I was like, no, I didn't do 17, I did 14.


So we'll see.


After 4 weeks of using the app instead of Samsung Health it seems to be 99% accurate (counted 2 extra lengths once over 64 total).

Think I’ll stick with it over Samsung Health.


On a different matter after yet another Samsung Health Update the Manual Heart Rate, Floor Counting and Alti-Barometer have all stopped working.  Along with the step count going haywire, counting 2000 steps whilst sat watching tv.....


If if it isn’t one problem it’s another... 🙄


So, the swim app works on the watch?  How does it record the laps without the Samsung Health, or, does it record it at the same time?

Hey, thanks for the update. I got a wearable update two days ago and now my watch doesn't count laps at all. The app has been working great for me. No real issues at all so like you I'll probably stay with the over the Samsung watch internal app. Haven't noticed any other issues since the update


The apps is a stand alone app that I use instead of theSamsung Health App.

It works more or less the same and can report on intervals, lengths, timings, average for 200 mtrs, etc. 


The only thing Is is when swimming it lists metres swam instead of lengths but you soon get used to it.


For me it still struggles with type of stroke but I think that’s more to do with me crappy technique than the app 😀


The app is free so could be worth giving it a try.


Logged/downloaded on all devices. There's a nice article on why (I believe) I've been seeing inaccuracies, now that the watch is logging my swims:


(Hoping I'm not violating any policy...)


I have the galaxy sport watch. Been working great for past few years.  Then a few days ago. It stopped recording  my swim data.  It used to record:

How long I had been swimming 

How many lengths I had done

Lengths times 


Kcals burnt 


Now it is just recording how long I have swum for and says 40kcals but.... ( whitch is wrong)

Can I reset this somehow to correct it as it was?

Or is this the sign of hardware failure? 



Hi all.


I got my Galaxy watch last year early April and it has been absolutely perfect , up until today. The swimming tracking has stopped since I updated the wearable app on my phone due to the Spotify app not working. If it's not one thing, it's another. Does anyone have a fix for the swimming tracker ? I have tried all above methods and none work.

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