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Galaxy Watch Swimming tracker not working

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I am using 42mm galaxy watch. Previously swimming tracker seems to work correctly like length strokes and laps but now its not working. It stopped tracking activity and i dont know why, when i start swimming tracker it start waterlock mode but not tracking any activity.




Spoke too soon.  Swim tracking has failed again 😡😡


More than likely the lack of accuracy on Monday was the watch giving up again.


Looks like it’s another trip to the Samsung Service Centre again at weekend to book it in for repair, although it could well be a Software problem saying it started tracking again, all be it briefly, after the Software Flash.


See what they say......






To get to the swim settings:


Open the Samsung Health App on the Watch

Scroll down to “Record your workout” and select it

Then click on the “workout” button

Scroll down to Swimming (either pool or open) and click on the Cog Symbol next to it

You can then set the Pool Length, Target, etc.


Long winded I know.  


Hopefully you can keep your watch Tracking your swims 😀🤞



I've same problem when last 3 times.

It's annoying



I visited the Samsung shop and they said I could book it in to be looked at, I didn't really want to do that so the next time I went to the pool I turned the WiFi off before activating swim mode. It actually tracked my lengths and strokes! I don't want to speak too soon though so will keep you posted over the next few weeks as to how it's going!


Thanks! This worked! Agree, too long winded and not intuitive but at least works! 

My health app doesn't have those options, e.g. "record your workout" on my watch.....



Have you updated the watch to the latest “Samsung One UI” ?


I think the pre-update menus are slightly different.


I don't know. I'll check.
The software is updated.

It could still be on the older software version.  Samsung are gradually rolling it out Sloowwly, so you watch may still show as up to date until the OneUI gets pushed to your watch.


If it is on the older software, you could try adding Swimming as a “widget” to the main screen.  When on the widget thee should be a cog symbol on the left.


If you click on the cog then you should get to the settings.


My watch is in with Samsung for repair at the mo so all from memory, hopefully you can find it 😀

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