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Galaxy watch software version question.

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Was wondering if there was anyone out there that could answer my question as I have searched everywhere and can't find a straight answer. 


Just bought a Samsung watch and the software version I have is R800XXU1ARH3 TIZEN 4.0 0.0. Is this the latest update as I feel like I'm missing features and missing One UI 1.5.

When I check for an update on the app it comes back as the latest version but I have seen websites and videos of users with a different update and TIZEN version or higher.

Samsung support said I was on the latest version but im still not convinced. 

@Welshnel: Updates are released in batches, and unfortunately I'm unable to confirm the latest available version in your region. All I can suggest is going to Settings > General > Update Watch Software > Auto Download Over Wi-Fi > On, to ensure that you install any updates as and when they become available.
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