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Galaxy Watch - Overheating / Cooling Issue


I've had 2 samsung galaxy watches that do the same thing.  There appears to be a fundamental flaw / defect with the watch operating on its own (standalone and not connected to its paired phone.

If my watch stays connected to my phone i never get the cooling issue and the battery will last around 4 days.
However, as soon as the watch becomes disconnected from the phone, within a few minutes it enters cooling mode and cannot be used.
I tested this yesterday by going out of range of my phone and asked a friend to call me. Within seconds of the call connecting, the watch hung up the call and entered cooling mode.
I repeated the test but connetced to my phone amd the call stayed connected on the watch for its duration (around 10 minutes) with no issue; i just had to keep my phone in my pocket.

Can someone at samsung aknowledge this flaw please as I've had 2 watches now that do exactly the same thing.


Many thanks

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I've had my watch for just over a year now, started doing exactly the same thing.  There must be a fix for this problem.  I'll probably have to make the call to Samsung but that usually ends up with a "Gee, I've never heard of that problem before"

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Same problem here. This is my second watch as the first was replaced for the problem. My wife's watch works perfectly though
I have had the same ... did they replace the whole watch .. this will be my 3rd time sent back for repair

I have the same issue recently, started a week ago.


How can this be resolved?

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