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Galaxy Watch 6 adding payment card not working

(Topic created on: 28-02-2024 01:28 PM)
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After with my latest experience with the not-at-all helpful chat as well and finding a thread on Reddit with the same issue dated 2 years ago I lost all my hope my issue will be solved by Samsung. I doubt that a solution exists to be honest.

So now I decided to completely delete Samsung Pay from my phone. Enough is enough. Installed Google Pay on both devices, set up the NFC so it uses Google Pay, set the Home button in a way so it brings up Google Pay when double tapping it, and voilá, both of my cards are present and working from there. No shoddy additional payment cards/apps whatever, nothing.

I've been using Samsung my whole life (20+ years now) and I love their products, but Samsung payments, their availability with certain banks and the customer service is subpar.


Hi everyone,

You are literally my last resort as I was unable to find a solution to my problem.

I got my new phone and watch about 5 weeks ago and all was set up successfully, all stuff was transfered from my previous phone. Payment with watch was working fine after the initial set up. Then for some reason Samsung sent me a new physical Curve card. I don't know why I was just informed it's on the way. Then it arrived and I activated it in the app.

This weekend I tried to pay with my watch but it was declined all the time. Then I realised I might have to add the new Curve card to it, so I tried to do so.

But then came the problems.

No matter what I do, I get the following error message:

Screenshot_20240227_201446_Samsung Wallet.jpg

So I called the number where I've been advised to use the app itself to send in an Error log (then why did I have to call this number? I have no idea).

I did everything as advised, sent in an error log that my phone generated and attached... except it did not do such thing, at least that is what the helpdesk (?) guy claimed. He told me again what to do (which was the same as before). So I did.

Again, no logs attached. Then guy told me to do the SAME THING. So I did.

Again, nothing. Then he told me to record my screen while sending in the report. I was unable to, as screen recording does not work - I guess because I am adding sensitive information like my CVC number?

I was again told to do a screen recording. Followed all the instructions on how to do that, again, I was unable to record anything while using the Contact us option. So I decided to use my tablet to record me while I am trying to send in a report. All success! Only to be told by app that I can only attach a file that is less than 100 MB. My recorded video is 240 MB. So I uploaded it to Google Drive and shared it + added the link to my report.

Only to be told by the helpdesk guy that he cannot open external links :D. And to record a video smaller than 100 MB.

Is THIS for real? Does this sound like a reasonable and helpful helpdesk to you?

I've been trying to solve this for 4 days now and I keep getting the same reply. I am extremely frustrated and have the lowest of the lowest feeling about Samsung's helpdesk.

Any advice is appreciated: who to contact, where and how as my guy is clearly taking me for a fool.

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Contacted the Chat as well to ask for their advice, but closed the window once I was asked to provide the serial number of my watch (that I already explained to them I ordered 5 weeks ago directly from Samsung and that I have already used for payment with my previous Curve card until my new Curve card arrived) to CHECK if it is COMPATIBLE WITH SAMSUNG PAY! Are these real people or just bots or AI doing nonsense?