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Galaxy Gear 3 Watch Repairs

(Topic created on: 20-01-2023 02:02 PM)
First Poster
I recently sent my 3 year old Gear 3 watch into Samsung for repair. It was not keeping its charge. After paying my £25.00 fee and chasing a couple of times, i was finally sent a message and a quotation for repair.
Requires- mainboard, cover, battery and screen - £234.00
I was truly shocked as this is basically all the parts of a new watch minus the strap. Obviously I declined and opted to buy a new Gear 5 PRO, which by the way i am delighted with.
The kicker though, is that when my old watch was finally returned to me i could see that it had never even been opened. Samsung had seemingly just quoted to replace everything in the watch rather than correctly inspect and diagnose the problem. This is not the standard of aftermarket service i would expect from the leading tech manufacturer. I have paid £25.00 in good faith to have the watch inspected, and it wasn't. I have since tried to contact the repairer but am getting the brush off. There is also no real mechanism to make this kind of complaint through the Samsung website.
I have to say, if i had known this a few days earlier, i may not have chosen another Samsung device.
Anybody else had similar issues?