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Dashboard Watchface - temperature not showing - Gear Sport


Hey there,


after yesterdays firmware update (Tizen 3.0.02 / R600XXU1ARC4), the temperature widget in the default dashboard watchface does not show the temperature any more. It just shows "No Info" (or "K. Info" as I use German). When I tap on it, it opens the weather app/widget itself, which shows all the correct information on the Gear Sport. Tried to reboot etc. nothing works.

Is anyone experiencing this too?


In parallel, Samsung's own weather app on the S9 (ver does not open any more on the phone either. It opens/closes in an infinite loop. I wonder if this is connected?



As written in my initial post ...


Tizen 3.0.02 / R600XXU1ARC4

Samsung's own weather app on the S9 - ver


Since no updates are available, they seem to be the lastest versions!

Galaxy apps show no available updates for Gear or Phone.


Yes, both versions are up to date.


Cheers, guys. :robothappy:


Are you able to send some info directly to our software team on this issue? (Open Samsung Members app > select Support > Send Feedback > Error Reports > Application > tick Send System Log Data, and attach a description of the problem.)

 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


Yes everything is up-to-date! No updates are available for the gear sport firmware, gear plugin or the weather app.


I have reported both issues via the members app.


I have the smae issue with weather on gear sport watch.


Can someone please give me a step by step guide of how to update weather app on my note 8? I cant find the app on the my apps list in the phone settings or on my apps on google play??




The weather app on the Gear watch is a Samsung app not a play store one.

 You have to go to Galaxy Apps on your phone (Samsung's own app market), then from the app menu go to "My Apps" (where you will find all the apps already downloaded on your watch) then go to the Gear tab (the Galaxy apps downloaded on you gear watch). If there is any app that needed to be updated you will see an update icon next to it (two reversed round arrows).


Thanks. But I meant something else. nother poster said they have "Samsung's own weather app on the S9 - ver". Any idea where he got that info? And how do you update that app on the phone itself (or does it do it automatically)?


And also, when I followed your instructions re checking the apps installed on the watch and I had no apps listed. I havent actually downloaded any apps on the watch so this might not be unusal. But shouldnt the watch weather app be listed on there? 


Very annoying, I use the Analogue Utility wathc face as well and it just looks stupid with no info displayed where the weather should be!

Everything up to date, yes. This is quite an obvious bug (wonder how the developers did not recognize this when testing) and should be fixed asap!

Mine has all the same issues. Come on samsung. Apps no where to be found either...

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