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Dashboard Watchface - temperature not showing - Gear Sport


Hey there,


after yesterdays firmware update (Tizen 3.0.02 / R600XXU1ARC4), the temperature widget in the default dashboard watchface does not show the temperature any more. It just shows "No Info" (or "K. Info" as I use German). When I tap on it, it opens the weather app/widget itself, which shows all the correct information on the Gear Sport. Tried to reboot etc. nothing works.

Is anyone experiencing this too?


In parallel, Samsung's own weather app on the S9 (ver does not open any more on the phone either. It opens/closes in an infinite loop. I wonder if this is connected?



Ok i will try to answer both of your questions

1) regarding the weather app on your Samsung S9 you can update it from the "Galaxy Apps" store. 

In the Galaxy Apps you press the three vertical dots on the right of  the search bar on the top then press "My Apps".  If there is any app that needs updating you will find it in the "Update" section. In this "Update" section you will find two tabs, PHONE and GEAR. Check both tabs and update any app that needs updating in both. This will insure that all the apps on your phone and your Gear watch are up-to-date.

Please note that if all your apps are already updated, the "Update" section will be empty. But you call always find all your apps in the "All" section (three vertical dots => My Apps => All)


2) It is strange not to find any apps in your Gear section. Please check the "All" section as mentioned above, because if all your apps are already updated the "Update" section might be empty.


Hope this clears things for you. Good luck 😀


This is what I have found thus far: 

The weather complication within ALL of the Samsung provided watch faces do not work.  It constantly shows; "No info".  3rd party watch faces that have the weather complication on it work correctly (currently using SAMSUNG Gear S3 x Outdoor).  So, looks like a possible issue with the Samsung provided watch faces: Dashboard and Analog Utility.


Tried all of this. Nothing to update. Weather is not listed in my apps under gear.


Also, when you search the galaxy app store there isn't even a weather app to download from samsung.


Thamks for that, appreciate it. So, when I go to galaxy apps , my apps, update - there is nothing there. Like you said, possibly because they are all updated. But, when i go to all apps I do not see samsung weather on there. The ony ones that looks installed are samsung internet browser and samsung smart switch. Then underneath those I have a bunch of samsung apps that are NOT installed on my phone. I hav attached a screen shot. It is a note 8, not s9 (not sure that makes a diff tho?Screenshot_20180406-153428.jpg


Screenshot is what mine looks like. I don't believe that it only doesn't work because it's a samsung provided watchface, because it worked prior to the update.


No the phone model doesn't make a difference.


Only the first  two apps are actually installed on your phone, but both need updating (the round arrows icon), while the remaining apps are NOT installed on your phone. This is why there is the arrow down icon next to them (you can press this icon to download these apps if u want).


Check the gear tab, what do you find there?


And one important thing, the weather app on your phone has nothing to do with the weather app on your Gear watch. These are two separate things. You can have the weather app on your Gear without even having a Samsung phone altogether.


I can see we aren't on the same page. In the galaxy apps application, I can click on the "Gear" tab to see what is installed on my watch. The only thing that aopears there are apps or watch faces that I have personally downloaded to the watch itself. Nothing else that is on the watch shows in there. There is also nothing in the update tab, everything is up to date. Someone said the weather app doesnt work with samsung provided watch faces; it was working before the update. Something changed... I didnt change anything other than the update...


Like I said, in the galaxy store, the weather app isn't even available to download. Samsung missed something, somewhere.


Exactly the same here.

Worked before. Stopped working right after the update. Nothing else changed.

No updates shown on Gear tab.


Ok, So if the weather app is not showing on the screenshot that I showed you, where is it?? And how do I update it?!


Like CodyD has said, the gear section galaxy apps only shows watch faces I have downloaded (I havent bought any apps). The weather app is not listed on this page either.


gea.jpgCan you show me a screenshot of your weather app on either of phone or gear app lists?

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