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Gear Fit 2 Pro - Resting heart rate too fast

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I've bought my Gear Fit 2 days ago and found one major flaw (apart from the limited compatibility with iOS :)).


When I measure my resting HR with Auto HR, I am getting significantly higher bmp than I from other devices (Fitbit Charge 2 and manual measurement with a stopwatch). Whereas I get something between 48-55 with Fitbit (and while measuring manually), Gear Fit measures good +20 bpm more.


In higher ranges though (100+ bpm), both devices measured quite similarly.


My girlfriend also tried to take her resting HR with Gear Fit and Fitbit in parallel and her results were almost identical (around 65 bpm).


Has anyone encountered this issue? Does Gear Fit have problems with measuring lower bpm correctly? If yes, I am probably returning it :(.






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I recently got my Gear Fit 2 and for the past two afternoons, the heart rate almost doubles. I checked it against two other monitors and the Gear is wrong. I cleaned the back, restarted and now it is working  ok.

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