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Bluetooth does not reconnect watch automatically (Galaxy Watch Active 2)

(Topic created on: 05-11-2020 12:15 PM)

My Galaxy Watch Active 2 is paired with my Motorola One Vision via bluetooth; notifications come in and everything is set up correctly.


The problem is as follows:

When I walk out of range of my smartphone (for example, when I go outside, while my smartphone stays indoors), it does not always reconnect automatically to my watch. Then the 'disconnected' icon flashes at the top of the screen of my smartwatch. I see this notification on my smartphone (see also attached screenshot):

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 / Disconnected from your phone (translated from the Dutch screenshot)

when not auto-reconnecting bluetoothwhen not auto-reconnecting bluetooth

Temporary solution

The only thing that helps is clearing the storage / cache of the bluetooth system app on my smartphone. The Bluetooth connection is then automatically established again.


Software problem with Samsung Accessory Service / Watch Active2 Plugin?

In the cases where Bluetooth connection is made automatically again, I see in the notifications that 2 processes are active (see also attached screenshot):

  • Samsung Accessory Service
  • Watch Active2 Plugin

notifications during auto-reconnecting bluetoothnotifications during auto-reconnecting bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection is then active again. It seems that for some reason these processes are not (re)starting. I can hardly judge whether this is due to hardware or software.


I Tried:

  • I have gone through all the steps on the Samsung forum to resolve this issue:
    • a factory reset of my smartwatch
    • deleted all associated (Samsung) apps on my phone
    • reset the bluetooth system application on my phone
    • phone restart
    • reinstalled smartwatch and associated apps on my phone
  • My watch has already been returned 2x for repair (as suggested in the troubleshooting)
  • After this I reset my watch and smartphone (factory reset) and installed it again

Unfortunately, none of this has solved the problem.

Samsung Members Star ★★

Ik typ dit in het Nederlands omdat ik zie dat je screenshots in het Nederlands zijn.


Ik ben bang dat dit niet aan het horloge maar aan je telefoon ligt.

Google staat vol met bluetooth problemen van je mobiele toestel en dan voornamelijk het opnieuw verbinden van al eerder verbonden apparaten. (kan helaas zo snel geen oplossing hier van vinden.)


Ik ben bang dat de enige oplossing ligt bij de software van Motorola.


Je kan altijd in de instellingen van je telefoon kijken of de volgende services niet geblokt worden van het op de achtergrond werken.

  • Samsung Accessory Service
  • Watch Active2 Plugin



Thanks for the reply in Dutch :smiling-face: If you state it like that, you'd think it's a problem with my phone. I don't rule that out completely. However, reconnecting with other devices works like a charm: my Parrot (car Bluetooth), bluetooth headset, external speaker etc..


Moreover, at the beginning of August, a defective light sensor was replaced in my watch. Until that repair, I used the combination "Samsung Watch / Motorola Smartphone" for about 5 months without the Bluetooth connection problems. My Motorola is an 'Android One' device, so with an almost 'bare' version of Android. Hence my suspicion that something is (gone) defect on the watch.


Or it must have coincided with a software update of the Samsung apps in that period, but you may be able to check that? In that case something broke in the code :smiling-face:


Are there other things I can test, read or try?





This problem seems to be resolved with the November update of the Wearable and/or Plugin app in the Google Play Store.


More info in this (Dutch) thread: