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watching TV whist recording another channel

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We have a 2019 4K TV UE43RU7400U, if we watch TV and want to record another channel at the same time it only allows certain channels to record.

 Changing the  channel we are watching usually brings up an option to cancel the recording in order to change channel.

Are we doing something wrong or is this how it operates?

@Birdy1946: It states in the User Manual that you are only able to record channels that are being received through an aerial, so this may be why you are restricted to certain channels. When you change channel, are you either recording that channel or switching to a channel that's recording? Did you use the Instant Record, or Scheduled Record option?
The problem exists whether we use instant recording or scheduled, if we select to instant record a channel & then change to another channel it often won't allow it.
I can record BBC1 whilst watching BBC 2 at the same time but if I try another channel such as the Drama channel it won't permit it unless I cancel the recording.
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