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WARNING NVIDIA GPU Users: Do not buy a Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 11-01-2023 01:29 PM)

There are countless posts on various forums about users of 3000-series NVIDIA GPUs having major problems with their Samsung TVs. These include:

-Not being able to set the refresh rate above 60 hz

-Not being able to use RGB and other color settings

-Not being able to enable Game Mode, input signal plus, HDR etc.

Basically, these TVs seem to have some kind of flaw with their HDMI 2.1 ports or their firmware (or both) that makes them incapable of properly communicating with these graphics cards.

I have this problem with my own TV (Q95A) after upgrading from a 1080 TI (worked fine) to a 4080. Samsung refuses to acknowledge this is a problem with the TV and I doubt it will ever get fixed. Their support just blames NVIDIA, even though other companies had similar issues with their TVs and ended up fixing them.

If you want a TV that works well with your PC, I strongly suggest you avoid all Samsung models.


I think in order to enable VRR on this TV an HDMI 2.1 cable is needed, at least this is what I read in the internet. 

On my Windows 11 the OS Setting for VRR is ON and on the Nvidia Control Panel G-Synch compatible is also ON for the Samsung TV. However, on the Game Mode Interface I see that VRR is off as well as the Game Motion Settings - so I believe VRR is not working.

I have tested a few games and I did not encounter any issues like tearing or massive lag.

The settings which are working with my HDMI to DisplayPort:
Adjust desktop size and position --> select full screen and perform scaling on Display.
Use 4096 x 2160 and make sure that in the Windows settings you have the same resolution and 120 Hz (not 119hz)

First Poster

So far my Samsung Q80B has not been detected by my RTX 4070 twice.

The fix for me each time has been reinstall the Nvidia drivers.

During or after the driver reinstall, my Samsung TV plugged into the 4070 HDMI port is detected again.

I noticed that this issue occurs after a new version of Nvidia drivers installed and my Samsung TV, display 2, is not being used as a display, showing only on display 1.

So far reinstalling the Nvidia drivers has been the only fix for me.