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Volume using AirPods with Samsung smart tv


Hi. I'm having trouble using my AirPods with my Samsung smart tv. The volume is so low on my AirPods that's its impossible to hear anything that's playing. I have the 7 Series smart tv and I know it's Bluetooth compatible. I've tried disconnecting My AirPods. I've tried deleting the AirPods from the Bluetooth list and reconnecting them and that did not work. I've tried holding down the power button on my remote to reset the TV. That did not work. I also connected my Bluetooth speaker to the tv and was able to adjust the volume using the remote or the speaker itself, but not having any luck with my AirPods. I've tried calling samsung tech support but the lady I spoke to didn't have a clue as to why I couldn't adjust the volume. Someone please help me 

similar issue . i can easily pair with the TV, and control volume from the remote. Instead of the 1-100 numbered volume it replaces it with "Airpods Pro" and a + and - sign to lower or increase the volume, no specific indication of what the volume is at. fine. the volume i get is perfectly adequate for watching regular tv. It just isn't good enough to blast music videos , or video games , or if you wanted to watch maybe a action type of movie louder than normal (without disturbing room mates or sleeping babies etc .) the TV speakers themselves go so much LOUDER, and i guess what i was trying to achieve was just to get the Airpods to at least match the range of volume that the TV has! But after speaking with Apple , they confirmed to me that the airpods aren't necessarily going to match the volume capacity of whatever they are connected to, they have their own built in limit so to speak. I would estimate they max out at only about 40% of how loud the TV goes. and it probably just works higher with Apple products as is their world dominating 'end to end ' plan. the only thing i can recommend is make sure that they are set to the iPhone maximum and are set to NOISE CANCELLING rather than TRANSPARENCY before you pair with the tv. this makes a bit of a difference. it does really suck that something so expensive both on the airpod side and tv side can't achieve a loud volume together. ps i paired my regular non pro Airpods with the tv as well and that is even MUCH worse .

I think you did a great job with the English. Much better than I would with French. 

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Buy Apple TV box and pair to that. Works a charm!

Or pair with Nvidia Shield. Works for me just fine.

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Had the same issue in July! Funnily enough, after reading this post today I accidentally unpaired my Airpod pros to my devices and had to pair them again and now the volume is perfectly fine. I don't think I did differently from the first time but it's working now? I had one of the AirPods in my eye as I paired them (sounds ridiculous that that would change anything). Not ideal but perhaps try deleting the Airpod pro device from your TV and trying that? Best of luck it was frustrating me so much yesterday so I hope it helps.

Yea apparently the AirPod Pros work fine. It’s the first and second gen. AirPods that don’t work. I’m at the point now where I’m over the situation lol. Samsung doesn’t care enough to fix the issue which is one of the reasons why I prefer Apple products over their products

I have a gen 1 set of airpods. They work fine on my Samsung Q80. As they are old I purchased a new gen 2 pair of airpods. As with other post’s they pair/connect but the volume is low and can’t be turned up with the tv’s remote. I called Samsung. A waste of time. They said if the gen 1’s work the gen 2’s should also work and it was Apples problem. I told them that lots of other people had the same problem with gen 2 & AirPod Pro’s. They again said it was Apple’s problem. Maybe I should have bought an LG tv!

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I have the same problem and I was hoping to find a solution here, but I realized that the reason is not in the settings. As I understand, classic airpods of the old generation work well with Samsung, and there is almost no sound in airpods pro. Anyway, thank you for your answers that helped me understand this problem. Honestly, at first I was upset, and then I found a solution to this problem. I decided to order fake airpods for my TV. I have read reviews and people write that they work perfectly and the sound is good. If you are interested, you can find a review of them here . And those earbuds I will use during my morning runs.

I tried this and it did increase the volume after I paired it with the TV again, but I still wasn't able to control the volume. I guess it's a bit better.

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Reset the air pods by holding the white button for atleast 15 sec till you see a flashing yellow light. Then pair your airpods to the tv and the problem should be resolved. This fixes low volume and fixes all the glitches and you can access the volume control through the tv remote :smiling-face:


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THIS WORKED!! I don’t have airpod pros though. I have the ones that isn’t a rechargeable case.

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