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Volume using AirPods with Samsung smart tv


Hi. I'm having trouble using my AirPods with my Samsung smart tv. The volume is so low on my AirPods that's its impossible to hear anything that's playing. I have the 7 Series smart tv and I know it's Bluetooth compatible. I've tried disconnecting My AirPods. I've tried deleting the AirPods from the Bluetooth list and reconnecting them and that did not work. I've tried holding down the power button on my remote to reset the TV. That did not work. I also connected my Bluetooth speaker to the tv and was able to adjust the volume using the remote or the speaker itself, but not having any luck with my AirPods. I've tried calling samsung tech support but the lady I spoke to didn't have a clue as to why I couldn't adjust the volume. Someone please help me 

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hey guys! Here’s my fix, it’s a weird one! So first make sure they’re paired to your iPhone, next go ahead and pair them to your TV as you would. Next the volume will probably be really low as you notice the issue, go ahead and set the volume where you want it (I prefer anything above 50 and below 85). Now go to your Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and click on your airpods name so that they reconnect from your TV  to your iPhone. Now go to the airpods settings and go all the way down to forget this device. Click forget, and now they should automatically pair to your TV at your desired volume!! Hope this helps let me know if it does! (: enjoy!


Also I noticed, I set it up to 100 to test it, obviously it was too loud. I tried using the controller to lower the volume and it was the same issue as before where it stayed at a low volume even when raising it on the tv, SO! My fix: put them back in the charging cube, take them out, place them in your ear, it’ll pair to your tv automatically, and now the controller volume should work! Hope it works for you guys! It was a big issue that was annoying me and I figured it out but not sure how it will go for you guys! Enjoy! Made a whole account just to let you guys know haha! 

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I don’t know how Draco999 figured it out, but his advice worked for my Airpods2. I followed his instructions exactly and am now enjoying the volume adjustments.



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