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The Frame Gallery & Slideshow Feature Requests

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Dear Samsung,


Having used the The Frame TV extensively, there seems to be a few features that the Art Store, Gallery & Slideshow would benefit from:


  • Slideshow/Restart Slideshow - Currently, this always starts from the beginning of the collection or favourites. It would be useful to start from last picture, or have a randomise/re-order feature.


  • Slideshow Transitions - Currently, the screen glitches or flashes when a new picture appears, this is not a very elegant way of changing picture . Transition options such as fade, cross blur, cross dissolve etc. would be useful.


  • During Art Mode/Gallery/Slideshow mode, changing to previous or next picture would be highly useful. Perhaps with currently unassigned Left or Right arrow buttons.


Hopefully, you will consider some of these feature requests and continually support and update this wonderful system.


We're really pleased you're enjoying the Frame TV, @Tenku


Thanks for sending through your suggestions. We'll be sure to pass these on to the relevant team for consideration.


The "Frame" has a wonderful sound system. I would love to be able to listen to only the sound  while my favorite art work is displayed. Can that be made possible ??


An option to show all pictures with the "mat" settings would be nice as well!


Hello, I have a similar feature request:


I would like to have the slideshow start at a random place in the sequence, not ALWAYS at the beginning. If there are 100 pictures in the sequence and it always starts at the beginning and it always goes in the same order, its kind of frustrating.


Also, I would like the ability to advance to the next piece of art if I do not like the one that is currently showing. 


Improvements to the rotation feature, including the one you've described, are a must. 


Hello. Any update from the R&D? It really ought to be an easy software modification. All computer software includes a randomizer request. Very easy. And to add a few more time controls. The FADE feature takes a bit more work I get it. 
But the first 2 are really Child's Play (very very easy ) software modifications.



The system would not need to be totaly random either just nearly random. For example divide 3600 (second in an hour) by the number of pieces of art work in slide show. Then using the built in clock get the number of seconds passed in the current hour to give the startin piece of art work. Coding for this would be minimal and do the trick. 

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