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Setting up parent controls on Samsung UE48H6400AK

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I want to set up our TV so it cannot be turned on during certain times of the day (without a PIN) and to restrict what content our children have access to. I cannot see how to do this on the Menu. Can anyone give me detailed instructions on how to do this? Thx. 


Hi @tvmum ,


Whether there isn't a way to set the TV to not turning on during certain hours, you should be able to lock some apps and content on it.


-Lock apps: Highlight the app, press and hold the enter button and select lock. Locks the app.

-Some apps will also provide you with the option to create a Kids profile, for example: Netflix.

-Lock channels: before doing this you will need to generate a Pin by following these steps:


1. Open the Setting menu.

2. Click down to General.

3. Select System Manager and then select Change PIN.

4. Enter in your new 4 digit PIN Twice.

5. Your PIN has now been successfully changed.


Once done, follow this path to enabled parental controls:

1. Select Settings either via the remote control, EDEN Bar or Voice control

2. Click down to Broadcasting

3. There are three parental control options which can be edited and adjusted:

-Programme Rating Lock
-Channel Lock
-Mark Adult Channels


To lock channels: 

1. Click on Apply Channel Lock and type in your pin. Then the settings menu will automatically close.

2. To edit channels open your TV guide, then your channel list and finally select Edit channels at the top of the menu bar.

3. Then select all the channels you wish to block or delete.


Hope that this helps.



Thanks, but we looked for the options you list but none are there under menu! I have searched under every single category but there are no parental controls. I can change PIN but nothing else!! 


We just want Our TV to require a pin to turn on at certain times. Thx 

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