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Samsung "The Frame" TVs need HDR

(Topic created on: 04-01-2024 08:10 AM)

Samsung if you're listening, the next generation of frame TVs need at least 1,600 nits of brightness and local dimming. We need to be able to make true black mattes. High nit screens blow away everything else and offer so much more versatility. Be the leader and do it first. I understand the idea of making it look like print art and cost and all that. Make a non-HDR and a HDR version? For me I want the most capable display -- it doesn't have to mimic the print look.

HDR in the future or not, numerous improvements need to be made to the software. Frankly, it's awful (I love my frames don't get me wrong):

1) Photo rotation needs to be a user input box. Giving us 3 minutes, 15 minutes, etc. is absurd. Why would you ever limit the times a user would want? I used to use the 10 minute rotation option until you literally took it away in a firmware update. Why would you *take out* something people were using? Simply infuriating.

2) Need to have folders. I may want to rotate only Holiday photos. Or Whatever photos. Right now there's just one big photo gallery and you're stuck with it. This offers zero versatility.

3) Need numerous matte options. Super limiting currently.

4) The matte color options are terrible. There's so few. Allow us to enter an RGB value or hex code. This paired would HDR and local dimming would be astonishing.

5) Frames often jump feeds on their own. Very frustrating. If I put the frame in Art mode, it needs to stay in Art mode.

6) You're so focused on selling art. That's fine. But the My Photos area is tremendously lacking. Give Creatives what they need. We want to purchase more frame tvs but they need to be leaps and bounds better than this in terms of software.

7) We need to be able to upload cinemagraphs. It's great you added them. But, we can't. Imagine how cool it would be if we could?

You have the ability to make the dream "the frame" tv. Just imagine a high nit display with local dimming that actually has software that works with the features users actually want. You clearly have all of the technology already to do it. 

So, can we have it? I'll be the first in line to buy 6 of them. But they'll need to be seriously improved before I'm willing to upgrade. I appreciate you're a world leader in this technology. I love my frames, but it's a love/hate relationship. There's so much to hate. You can make this product tremendous if you want to. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

I hope this whole post is read constructively. I love the product. But, it can be so much better.

Sounds like u need a different type of tv
Helping Hand
This I agree the frame is a focus on Art and design not pure picture quality. The Q70C and Frame share most spec but you pay for the Frames art mode. 1600 nits is not going to happen on a edge lit really. If you wanted Neo level with art mode it would be over £2500 for a 55"!
Helping Hand
Some features sound awesome but for 95% people they won't use. If you want that level of detail add them via USB.
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frame Tv's feature quantum HDR Terms  which provide a wider array of colours and better contrast. without local dimming highlights will not pop.  LED Technology can also have a limited viewing angle.

the Frame models not really flagship, some premium examples here 

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