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Samsung MU8000 colour banding issues


Vertical Banding on 11 Month old 65" MU8000Vertical Banding on 11 Month old 65" MU8000I contacted John Lewis yesterday via email with the picture above attached. The picture was taken at 5% greyscale to illustrate the vertical banding.  They called me this afternoon and without question immediately booked it in for a repair, to be collected on Monday 14th January. They also arranged for the repair company to offer a replacement TV whilst it's being repaired, though it won't be a SMART TV.


It's such a shame because I love the TV overall. The colours are punchy and the UHD 4K pictures are vivid and outstanding. However, in low light, standard definition and some fast moving scenes the banding is obvious.


Let's see how this plays out. Will keep you updated.


The TV has been returned by the repair company after 1 week with a brand new screen. The original problem of LED banding has largely been resolved with the new screen. However, one problem has been replaced by another. We now have significant Backlight Bleeding at the bottom of the panel.  


Why the TV repair company didn't run a full check on the screen before bringing it back, I do not know. Not happy. I've now contacted John Lewis once again for them to come and collect it.


Backlight Bleed1_New Panel.jpg




Thats pretty bad hey, I wouldn’t be happy with that either, what person would think that to be acceptable on a T V costing that much? 

i had that problem on a few iPads and it really bugged me, apple replaced it 3 times in the end,  and that was just on a small screen,  seems to be a bit of a think on some led screens I think,

well good luck again, hopefully when you get it back this time it will be ok, I would check the set from top to toe too, you kind of lose faith in them when things like this happen. 

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