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Q80T: SDR Game mode / Local dimming bug

(Topic created on: 16-05-2021 05:20 PM)
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Hi there

I bought a 55 Q80T a few weeks ago and like the TV very much.

But I think I found a bug while playing on my Nintendo Switch.

- The latest firmware installed 

- Eco and Intelligent Mode are disabled

- Input Signal Plus is enabled

- Game mode is enabled (also Game Motion Plus, but the error occurs also with Game Motion Plus disabled)

I would like to play with Local Dimming set to "standard", because in my option, with set to "high", it does not work well with SDR content (sometimes it brightens up dark sectors of the screen where there is no content at all).

But with "standard", the picture is getting darker on no-motion screens (see video):

- Local Dimming set to "high" (sec. 0) --> Picture ok

- Change to "standard" (sec. 4) --> at the beginning, everything ok

- After a few seconds (sec. 8), the picture is getting dimmer --> NOK

- Change to "low" (sec 10) --> picture is getting brighter --> ok

- Change back to "standard" (sec 16) --> at the beginning, everything ok

- After a few seconds (sec. 17), picture is getting dimmer again --> NOK

Is this a knowing issue? 

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This issue still appears with the latest firmare update 2014.1.

First Poster

I have that EXACT issue on my QLED 80T 55 inch as well. Samsung better be getting a fix on this soon. I'm on version 2016.1 and getting this problem.